‘Arrow’ Star Stephen Amell Will Finally Get To Wear The Iconic Green Arrow Look For ‘Legends Of Tomorrow’

'Arrow' Star Stephen Amell Will Finally Get To Wear The Iconic Green Arrow Look For 'Legends Of Tomorrow' [Image via The CW]

Although the Arrow/The Flash crossover episodes certainly contained a lot of exciting developments, including the launch of Legends of Tomorrow and the introduction of new supervillain Vandal Savage, one aspect that will be fun to see in the new series is Oliver Queen’s (Stephen Amell) final transition to the comic book version of the Green Arrow. With that in mind, will fans finally see Oliver sport the final piece of his character’s costume; the legendary goatee?

Amell recently posted several messages on Twitter that seemed to indicate his character will be fitted with a goatee in his appearances on Legends of Tomorrow.

“Went on a tongue in cheek tirade earlier this year about Green Arrow iconography / how it fit into our show,” Amell wrote. “Proud to say it only took 3-ish months to make myself look like a total idiot. The point being… You want to avoid the term ‘that will NEVER happen’ under any and all circumstances.”

'Arrow' season 4 continues on Wednesday nights on The CW. [Image via The CW]

“100% no. Never. Our Show could go 14 seasons and a goatee will never appear,” Amell stated. “Hope that clears things up. Forever.”

Luckily for fans, producers did not share Amell’s sentiments in regards to the goatee, which will be included in the new series. That being said, recent posts on Twitter by Caity Lotz indicate that the goatee might not appear the way fans expect it to.

In fact, according to We Got This Covered, there is a slight twist with the goatee. As it turns out, fans may not actually see Oliver in a goatee on Arrow. Instead, it will be a Green Arrow from the future that shows up wearing the aforementioned facial hair. Even still, the character is expected to be an older Oliver, which means fans will get to glimpse the actor in his character’s full comic book glory.

Meanwhile, in regards to the upcoming crossover episodes and the launch of Legends of Tomorrow, Amell recently told IGN that what they are doing with the three is something truly special.

“I don’t know what the corollary is, I don’t know what the precedent is in the history of modern television where you have three shows on one network, each with a distinctive feel,” the actor shared.

Even more exciting, Amell added that there might be a possibility that all three shows may be incorporated into more crossovers in coming seasons.

'Legends of Tomorrow' premieres in January 2016. [Image via The CW]

At the same, Amell could hardly contain his own excitement about the crossover event and the midseason finales, which will include characters from Arrow, The Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow.

“If we don’t seize the opportunity to give the fans what I think is going to amount to, certainly this year, an incredibly interesting two-night event,” he stated. “Not only are we teaming up people that everybody knows in both the Flash and Arrow universe, but we’re weaving in the Legends and helping to launch that show. So it’s a three-pronged attack, and it’s incredibly exciting.”

The Flash midseason finale airs Tuesday, December 8, and you can catch Stephen Amell in the Season 4 midseason finale of Arrow December 9, both on The CW. Legends of Tomorrow is expected to premiere sometime in January 2016.

[Image via The CW]