DC’s ‘Legends Of Tomorrow’ — Everything We Know So Far About ‘The Flash’ And ‘Arrow’ Spin-Off

With both The Flash and Arrow enjoying success as shows in the DC Comics Universe, a third spin-off series, Legends of Tomorrow, is on the way and it will add even more layers to the DC small screen world. Along with featuring characters from Arrow and The Flash, what else can fans expect to see in the upcoming series?

The CW hit The Flash was the first spinoff from Arrow. [Image via The CW]
The CW hit ‘The Flash’ was the first spin-off from ‘Arrow.’ [Image via The CW]
According to Cinema Blend, unlike the city-centric story lines of Arrow and The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow will focus on a group of characters tasked with saving the entire world from evil. In fact, the synopsis reveals that the story will focus on Rip Hunter (Arthur Darville) as he forms a group of both villains and heroes to save the world from the plans of Vandal Savage.

Concerning Rip Hunter, the casting description released by Deadline indicates that he is a time traveler similar in nature to Han Solo, with plenty of charm and wit. Hunter is from the future and knows what becomes of the world if Savage isn’t stopped. In order to prevent Savage from succeeding, Hunter travels back in time and forms the group that will eventually stop him.

In regard to this group of misfits and heroes coming together to save the world, producer Greg Berlanti told Den of Geek that he likens the group dynamic to old western ensembles.

“I compare the shows to old Westerns; we have a lot of lone gunmen and sheriffs in town, and this one is very much an ode to things like The Magnificent Seven or those great heist pics like Oceans Eleven where you get all of those colors at the same time, and a true ensemble, and that was the fun of it,” he stated.

Berlanti added that, despite their differences, the group manages to form a bond. “You want that Rat Pack-y kind of vibe of all this crew hanging out, as disparate and as different as they are,” he explained.

Brandon Routh first appeared as The Atom on Arrow. [Image via The CW]
Brandon Routh first appeared as The Atom on ‘Arrow.’ [Image via The CW]
Meanwhile, the show is set to introduce a number of new faces to the DC world. These new characters include The Atom (Brandon Routh), Captain Cold (Wentworth Miller), White Canary (Caity Lotz), Hawkgirl (Ciara Renee), Heat Wave (Dominic Purcell), Firestorm (Franz Drameh) and Hawkman (Falk Hentschel). Additionally, some characters from The Flash and Arrow are also set to make cameos in the new series.

At the same time, the main villain in the series, Vandal Savage, is being played by Casper Crump. Savage is an immortal being who has been using his powers to time travel throughout the world’s history and disrupt things. The series picks up as Savage is using his influence on world events in order to become the supreme ruler of the entire world.

While little is known about his evil plans in Legends of Tomorrow, Savage will be introduced during the current season of The Flash and Arrow. Hopefully, more information will be exposed during these appearances and we’ll learn what Savage is up to in the new series.

Elsewhere, filming for the opening episode is currently underway. With that in mind, a few behind the scenes images have been released, along with a teaser trailer. Although the trailer doesn’t provide any details about the main storyline that will develop as the season progresses, it does offer a look at some of the characters that will be included in the new series.

As far as when Legends of Tomorrow will be airing, a premiere date has been set for January 2016 on The CW. The first season will be comprised of 13 episodes, and it has not been revealed which night the series will air on.

Tell us! Are you going to tune in to Legends of Tomorrow? Let us know in the comments below.

[Image via The CW]

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