Baby Dies After Violent Rape That Left Her On Life Support

A Tulsa baby was the victim of a horrifying rape this weekend, which resulted in her being put on life support in “extremely critical” condition. Now, it’s being reported that the 1-year-old infant in this heartbreaking case has died — meaning the man accused of raping her is facing more charges associated with the Saturday incident. KJRH News reports that 16-month-old Sawyer Paige Jefferson was allegedly violently raped by her mother’s boyfriend over the weekend, and now she’s lost her life.

Baby Sawyer Paige Jefferson was left alone in the care of 30-year-old Cody Johnson on Saturday when the incident allegedly took place. During this time, it’s alleged by authorities that the man forcefully and violently raped the 1-year-old child. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Cody went with the child’s mother when she rushed her to the emergency room. However, it still hasn’t been reported on how the mother discovered her daughter’s injuries, or how long she had left the infant alone with the man accused of raping her to the point of killing her. It has been confirmed, on the other hand, that the 30-year-old man is the mother’s boyfriend — contrary to some reports referring to Cody Alan Johnson as merely the baby’s sitter.

WARNING, GRAPHIC: 16m/o SAWYER JEFFERSON, Dies From Her Injuries After Being Brutally Raped By Cody Alan Johnson.

— #StopChildAbuse (@ChildAbuseNewz) December 7, 2015

KRMG News reports that authorities have filed a murder complaint against Johnson — an update to the prior charges, which were filed over the weekend when little Sawyer Paige Johnson was put on life support in a Tulsa hospital. The news report also reveals that the 1-year-old infant’s injuries were discovered by the mother after she had returned home on Saturday. It’s still not reported on how long the baby was left in Johnson’s care, or where the mother was at the time of the alleged sexual assault. Reports are also not indicating whether or not the mother — who has not been named — will face any charges associated with this case.

As previously reported, Cody Alan Johnson allegedly told authorities that the infant suffered her injuries by “tripping on her pajamas and landing on a toy.” The hospital had determined that the infant suffered numerous injuries associated with forceful rape. Her body, including her face, was covered in bruises, and both her vagina and rectum were damaged and bleeding. When she was rushed to the hospital by her mother (with Johnson in tow), she was going into cardiac arrest, and was unresponsive. After approximately two days of being on life support, the 1-year-old infant could no longer cling to life after going through what’s alleged to be a horrific rape.

St. Francis Hospital where allegedly raped infant has passed away; Photo via Google Maps St. Francis Hospital where allegedly raped infant has passed away. [Image via Google Maps]Corporal Greg Smith with the Tulsa Police Department has told media sources that this is one of the worst child abuse cases he has encountered while on the force. The Daily Mail reports that the mother is not likely to face any charges associated with the alleged rape of her infant daughter, because there is “no reason to believe she knew about the abuse.” This comment is indicative of a mother’s horror, because her child has died, and allegedly at the hands of a man she trusted to care for her.

Comments on news reports about this case are showing the outrage that is expressed by those who have heard about it. Most people are calling for the death penalty, especially upon learning that baby Sawyer has passed away after allegedly being the victim of a violent, horrifying rape. Does this crime warrant the use of the death penalty?

[Image via Tulsa Police Dept. Mugshot]