Man Charged In Fatal Hit And Run Says Woman Distracted Him With Oral Sex

A Polk County man linked to a deadly hit and run on Saturday has been arrested by the police after an eye witness tipped them off to his identity after he fed the scene. Once he was located, the man’s excuse for killing a bicyclist is that he was distracted by a woman performing oral sex on him.

Terry Lamunt Ross was the 49-year-old riding his bicycle on the shoulder of an Auburndale highway when a green 2000 Ford F-250 pickup truck struck him head on. Ross was thrown from his bicycle, landed on the side of the roadway, and sadly was pronounced dead at the scene. The driver of the pickup truck never stopped, but one witness took it upon herself to ensure that the man would be brought to justice. According to a sworn affidavit the witness to the crash convinced her father to drive after the truck until they were able to get his tag number while she called the police to report the hit and run. Once the tag number was obtained the witnesses returned to see if they could help the victim.


The witness remained at the scene for the full length of time it took to give the Polk Sheriff’s deputies a detailed description of the crash, as well as the suspect and his truck. Terry Ross was positively identified by his fingerprints and his family, who are all out-of-town were notified of his death by hit and run.

Investigators used a law enforcement database to determine that the pick up truck in question belonged to 54-year-old Randy Allen. The witness was initially off by one digit, but deputies quickly corrected the mistake and found themselves at Allens home in Polk City. family members directed them to a local Lakeland bar. The bar’s parking lot held Allen’s truck and it was immediately obvious that they had located the correct suspect. The Orlando Sentinel reported that the truck had clear damage from the hit and run, its headlight assembly, hood and passenger side all had been recently damaged. There were also blood stains on the passenger side door.

According to Carrie Horstman, the spokeswoman for the Sheriff’s Office, Allen claimed that he had not known that he had hit anyone. He told a tale of having met a woman at another bar earlier and that the two of them had left the bar together. The woman, who was in the passenger seat, then proceeded to perform oral sex on him while he was driving. Distracted, he thought it was a stop sign or a guardrail he had hit and did not stop to confirm. The police reported that during the questioning Randy Allen was slurring his words and seemed to have been drinking heavily.


Police also tracked down the female passenger that Allen claimed had been performing the distracting oral sex on him. She told the police that she had indeed been performing oral sex on the suspect from her position in the passenger seat and had heard a bump against the car during her act, but that Allen told her it was just a stop sign. Since “she did not have any reason to not believe him,” she continued oral sex on Allen as they left the scene.

WFLA states that the Polk County Sheriff’s Office confirmed that it had been Randy Allen driving the truck at the time of the hit and run and he was arrested. Allen has been arrested seven times prior by the Polk County Sheriff’s office and a 2008 DUI was included in those reports.

The Polk County Sheriff’s office arrested Randy Allen on the charge of leaving the scene of a deadly crash and pending the results of a blood test he may face additional charges.

[Photo Courtesy of Kevin Winter/Getty Images]