Video Shows Two Chinese Toddlers Survive Being Run Over By A Car In Front Of Their Kindergarten

Disturbing footage has emerged online showing the moment that two Chinese toddlers were run over outside their kindergarten in Guangde, east China. But despite being mowed down by a car and dragged along on the ground under the car, the children escaped unharmed — miraculously — with only minor scratches and bruises.

The video shows the frightening incident which happened outside a children’s kindergarten in Guangde, east China, on the morning of December 2, according to the Chinese People’s Daily Online.

A driver, identified simply as Sun, and believed to be the parent of the children, dropped them at their kindergarten in a rented minivan, according to the Daily Mail. And within moments of dropping them off, he incredibly ran them over.

Warning: Distressing footage. Viewer discretion is strongly advised.

The children were standing beside the car moments after the driver dropped them when they were run over. The driver had parked the car to allow the children to get off. The little girl is shown in the video standing beside the car and bending over to tie her shoelace. The boy also bends over to help her. Meanwhile, the driver reverses his car, and as he moves, he hits the children and knocks them to the ground.

The two children fall under the car as the driver moves. The boy and the girl are shown in the video being dragged along under the wheels, their bodies and limbs rolling under the car as it moves forward.

But luckily, the driver stops before the children are hurt seriously. And as soon as the car stops, the little boy gets on his feet nimbly, but he looks dazed with shock at the horrendous experience.

The little girl, however, remains trapped under the car’s rear wheel, and a group of adults rush to help.

They adults, apparently parents who had also come to drop their children at the nursery, were able to rescue the little girl from under the car. The driver had to reverse his car slowly before the girl could escape from under the car without injury.

Despite being knocked over by a car and dragged along under the car’s wheels, the children survived the horrifying ordeal with only minor scratches and bruises.

The People’s Daily Online reports that police confirmed that the children were unharmed and that they received attention at a hospital. However, it is not known whether police charged the driver over the incident.

The surveillance video footage has caused shock and disbelief online, with some blaming the driver and describing him as careless. Others argued that the driver could not see the children in front of the car because they were bent over the little girl’s shoelace. But others insisted that since he dropped the children only moments before, he should have been aware of the risk that they could be standing close to the car.

Some viewers expressed concern about the fact that the boy, already traumatized, stood by watching the little girl being rescued from under the car. But at the moment, the adults were trying to save the little girl’s life and thus were not paying attention to the little boy standing and watching the scene in shock.

Some readers would recall the sad case of Yueyue, a Chinese toddler who was run over twice and ignored by several passersby in the industrial city of Foshan in Guangdong Province, China, in 2011.

A driver in a white van ran over the 2-year-old girl (see video above), stopped, and ran her over a second time with his van’s rear wheel.

After the driver left the scene, nearly 18 passersby were seen on surveillance camera. Not one of them stopped to assist the girl dying in the middle of the narrow lane until a tiny old woman, the nineteenth passerby, stopped.

[Image via YouTube Surveillance Footage Screengrab]