Gun Sales Rise: Death Of 14 In Latest Terrorist Attack Prompts Gun-Toting University President To Say ‘End Those Muslims’ [Video]

The most recent terrorist attacks in San Bernardino, California, that took the lives of 14 people has caused gun sales to rise. The shooting attack didn’t cause people to put away guns, but has caused gun sales to increase, reports the New York Times. The publication notes that gun stores all over the U.S. are reporting an uptick in gun sales from Maine to Texas and points in between. For the most part, those buying guns say they don’t want to be sitting ducks when the next terrorist attack happens.


What’s troubling to gun control advocates is the racist rhetoric that comes along with some of those who are urging folks to take up arms, leading to the increase in gun sales. As reported by the Independent, the below video of Jerry Falwell, Jr., calling on Liberty University students to buy more guns in the wake of the terrorist attacks is making waves. Liberty University is in Virginia, and with the news of terrorist attacks by extremists targeting everything from workplaces to college campuses to Planned Parenthood locations, Falwell, Jr., told the crowd he had a gun in his back pocket. He asked if it was legal to remove his gun from his pocket, but he didn’t take the gun out.

Instead, he went on to say that if good people had guns, those “good people” could “end those Muslims” prior to terrorist attacks happening. One woman was seen leaving the venue, while others clapped and cheered and some stood up at the gun talk.

Published to YouTube on December 5, the video is certainly causing a flurry of opinions as it makes its way towards 15,000 views in a short period of time.

“Liberty University President Jerry Falwell Jr. encouraged students to get concealed carry gun permits.”

Not only are men taking to gun stores to buy long guns and handguns, but they are also bringing their wives to such gun shops in order to buy guns. Or, women are coming to gun stores on their own in order to buy guns to protect themselves.

Gun sales have already been on the increase for years, with gun sales going up after mass shootings, reports the Seattle Times‎ — and during election years, such as 2008 and 2012, when President Obama took the Oval Office and remained there for his second term. The rise in gun sales has been a source of frustration for gun control advocates who believe that an increase in gun sales won’t solve the problem of terrorism. The gun lobby simply wants folks to react in fear, and buy more guns, because they want to sell more guns, say gun control pundits.

Those who see the rise in gun sales are also concerned about background checks, and whether they will be conducted properly for all of those rushing to gun shops to buy more guns. According to CNN, in December, 2012, background checks for those buying guns climbed 40 percent. That was the same month that the horrific attack at Sandy Hook Elementary School killed 26 people.

The spike in gun sales across America, as reported by TIME, has been going on for weeks.

“A gun store in Iowa told KCCI that their sales have shot up more than 30 [percent] in the past three weeks, and that they’ve been especially busy since San Bernardino.”

The rush to buy guns happens after mass shootings — not only because people want to try and protect themselves and those they love, but also because of the fear that new legislation will take away their ability to buy guns in the future. The rise in gun sales have a number of emotional reasons behind the consumers’ choices to purchase guns — and gun control advocates are wondering what effect the increase in gun sales will have upon public safety.


[Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images]