Liberty University President Jerry Falwell Jr Urges Students To Arm Themselves [Video]

At a Liberty University convocation on Friday, university President Rev. Jerry Falwell Jr. encouraged students to arm themselves in response to a recent terror attack in San Bernardino, California carried out by an American Muslim who may have been converted to radical Islam by his wife who had recently immigrated from Pakistan, as reported by the Inquisitr.

“It just blows my mind that the president of the United States can say that the answer to circumstances like that is more gun control,” Falwell calmly stated to widespread applause from students gathered.

In response to the Umpqua Community College shootings, and just about every other mass shooting that has occurred during his terms as president, Barack Obama has called for tougher gun controls. The president then asked for a chart comparing gun deaths and terrorism deaths in the United States. In 2013, there were 33,636 shooting deaths in the United States. That same year, 21 Americans died at the hands of terrorists, as reported by the Inquisitr.

Jerry Falwell encourages Liberty University students to carry guns, arm themselves.

In 2011, the United Kingdom experienced 146 gun deaths. That same year 32,351 people died as result of guns in the United States. After factoring out the difference in populations, deaths by guns occurred at a rate 40 times higher in the United States than in the United Kingdom. President Obama has continuously pointed to the fact that mass shootings do not occur with anywhere near the frequency in other countries as they do in the United States.

President Obama has recently described the fact that people who are named as terrorists on no-fly lists are still able to purchase firearms in the United States as being “insane,” as reported by the Inquisitr.

Jerry Falwell Jr described watching Fox News with his wife Becki and being touched by Mike Madden, a police officer who was one of the first on the scene at the San Bernardino community center. He discussed Madden’s recollections of being unprepared for the amount of carnage he was presented with when he first arrived at the scene, despite being a well-trained professional with years of experience: no amount of training can prepare someone for something so horrific.

Falwell noted that he contacted Madden and inquired as to whether the law enforcement official had children, offering to help them with scholarships.

Jerry Falwell urges students to arm themselves in response to 'Muslims.'

The President of Liberty University then explained how his mind was “blown” by President Obama’s belief that America is in need of more gun legislation, not less. Falwell’s assessment of the carnage in San Bernardino is clear: more guns could have prevented the shootings. His point of view received applause from the student audience.

Falwell stated that if some of the people in the community center in San Bernardino had what he had “in his back pocket” then we could “end those Muslims before they walked in,” again garnering hoots and applause from the students. Though he did not produce a gun, it appeared that Falwell was ready to produce one from his back pocket.

The Second Amendment supporter then encouraged students to “get your permits” and pointed out that the university offers a free course in how to become a registered, legal gun owner and carrier.

“Let’s teach ’em a lesson if they ever show up here,” Jerry Falwell Jr. stated to hoots and applause from the Liberty University student body.

According to the Washington Post, Jerry Falwell Jr has had a concealed-carry permit for about a year, but that Friday had been the first time he actually carried a gun. The reverend reported carrying a 0.25 pistol in response to the San Bernardino attacks.

Falwell also clarified that when he referred to “those Muslims” in his convocation statement he was referring to “Islamic terrorists, specifically those behind the attacks in Paris and in San Bernardino.”

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