Forget Waist Training, Pixee Fox Spent $120K And Had 6 Ribs Removed

Stripper Pixee Fox has some serious cartoon dreams. No, seriously. She really wants to look like a cartoon character.

Pixee Fox, 25, spent $120,000 on numerous cosmetic surgery procedures to look like some of her favorite cartoon characters. She recently paid $9,000 to have six ribs remove so that she can look like Jessica Rabbit from Roger Rabbit or Holly Wood from Cool World. She also broke the record for having the smallest waist in the world, but some cosmetic surgeons said that the procedure is not only dangerous, but unethical to practice. But Fox doesn’t have any regrets on the insane plastic surgery procedure.

“Rib removal has been a dream of mine for years. I want to have the exaggerated curves you see in pin-up cartoons like Jessica Rabbit.”

She told FOX411 that she’s dreamed about having her ribs removed ever since she was a little girl. Fox named off all the cartoon characters and Disney movies she’s watched, especially the ones that featured characters with tiny waists and curvy bodies. Fox said that her first inspiration was Tinkerbell, but then she realized she wanted to look more like Jessica Rabbit.

Pixee does agree that the cosmetic surgery is risky. In fact, she wouldn’t recommend the procedure to just anyone.

“Yes, it is extreme. Rib removal is not something I would recommend to anyone unless they have already gotten to a very low body fat, had a butt lift, extensively tight-laced, and plan to keep tight-lacing for the rest of their life.”

Some would question one’s mental health and well-being. Dr. Manny, who does not treat Fox, said that the model may suffer from Body Dysmorphic Disorder, and should seek professional help instead of cosmetic surgery.

“They undergo multiple, unnecessary procedures to correct whatever their perceived imperfection may be, or to complete their vision of what they believe they should look like. Many times, these individuals suffer from deep-rooted symptoms of anxiety and depression. There is a clear need for mental health counseling, and professionals who can help them cope with these symptoms.”

In addition, Pixee Fox has had a brow life, cheek fillers, cool-sculpting, eyelid surgery, lip fillers, four breast augmentation surgeries, a Brazilian butt lift, and permanent makeup to complete her cartoonish look. Despite having the risky procedures, Fox says she’s happy that she’s underwent each one. She began wearing a waist trainer 24 hours a day, and is excited to wear an even smaller one. Fox currently has a 16-inch waist, but she said that she’s aiming for a 15 or 14-inch waist.

Pixee Fox

Even though she’s already had 15 cosmetic surgeries, Fox says that she’s planning to have both hip and butt implants next. Fox added that she’s “happy with the way I look,” but she still believes that some parts of her body could still using some “fixing.”

Pixee Fox

Pixee Fox currently has over 150,000 followers on Instagram, which has been set to private amid all of the media scrutiny. Over on her Facebook page, Fox calls herself a “body modification artist” and often talks about her “doll transformation.” She currently has over 4,000 fans on Facebook. What’s scary is that some of her fans and followers see her as inspiration, but Fox says she doesn’t want to be seen as an inspiration.

“I don’t want to inspire people to get plastic surgery. What I want to do is get a message out there that it’s important, whatever you decide to do, that you should follow your dreams and dare to be yourself.”

According to a previous report via the Inquisitr, Pixee Fox is a former contestant on the E! reality series, Botched.

[Photos Courtesy of Pixee Fox via Facebook]