Holiday, Bonus Events Keep ‘World Of Warcraft’ Players Busy In December

David Stonecipher

With Bonus Events ongoing every single week and returning annual events planned for this month, December in World of Warcraft will keep players entertained nearly every day. The Feast of Winter Veil is December's main event, but the revelry continues with return of the Darkmoon Faire as well as ringing in the New Year on December 31 according to

On December 6, the Darkmoon Faire comes back to Azeroth to regale both Alliance and Horde with carnival games, races, and much more. Head to Goldshire or Mulgore via the Mystic Mages' portals, located in any major city, to transition to the Darkmoon Isle. Complete quests for Darkmoon Prize Tickets that can be spent on heirlooms, replica armor, battle pets, mounts, and more. Be sure to stop by the Darkmoon Carousel for a ride that grants bonus of 10 percent more experience and reputation.

Of course, the month of December would not be the same without the Feast of Winter Veil. World of Warcraft players will warm up to saving Metzen the Reindeer, collecting a number of battle pets, and enjoying their annual Christmas gift from the development team. Slay The Abominable Greench each day for a chance at the Lumpy battle pet, Clockwork battle pets, and other seasonal toys. Be sure to visit the holiday tree for your present from World of Warcraft developers. As advised on the official website, check under the festive tree in Orgrimmar and Ironforge for these special gifts starting December 25.

On December 16, another PvP oriented Bonus Event rolls back around with the Battleground Bonus Event. This event is perfect for players looking to stock up Honor. During the event random Battlegrounds offer triple Honor with another weekly quest that rewards 500 Conquest Points that do not count toward the cap. On December 23, Draenor dungeons will be the focus of the weekly Bonus Event. World of Warcraft players will earn faction by completing Draenor dungeons during this event with a weekly quest that rewards a Heroic Hellfire Cache if a number of Mythic level dungeons are completed during the event.

Returning content may keep World of Warcraft player engaged for a while, but new content is also on the way. The game's sixth expansion, Legion, is due out in summer 2016 and could very well be worth the wait. A new level cap of 110, the Demon Hunter hero class, a revamped PvP system, an inventory saving Transmogrification redesign, Artifact weapons, and much more are expected with the expansion's release. Be sure to check out how Artifact weapons will alter each class specialization when Legion launches. As the Inquisitr reported, some specializations abilities are greatly modified like the Destruction Warlock's Rain of Fire summoning Infernals with the right Artifact weapon trait.

[Image via Blizzard Entertainment]