Find Out How ‘Legion’ Artifact Weapons Modify Each ‘World Of Warcraft’ Specialization

Alpha testing for the sixth World of Warcraft expansion is currently underway, and although a limited number of people are actively testing the content, there is plenty of new information to digest. Legion will be adding a wealth of new content to the 11-year-old game including a new class, an increased level cap, major changes to PvP, a remodeled transmogrification aspect, and much more. One feature sure to interest any World of Warcraft player is the new Artifact weapon system in Legion.

Artifacts in Legion are powerful weapons with substantial lore backgrounds that all players will wield for the duration of the expansion. Each class specialization has its own Artifact weapon befitting the specialization’s theme. For example, the iconic Ashbringer is the Artifact weapon for Retribution Paladins in Legion. The weapon has been used for both altruistic and selfish purposes in the game’s lore “serving both Shadow and Light.” It is especially potent when fighting the undead, leaving them as dust after a battle, hence its name. According to the official World of Warcraft lore on the weapon, Tirion Fordring currently wields the Ashbringer. All Retribution Paladins will start looking for the Ashbringer very early in Legion.

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One look for a Retribution Paladin’s Ashbringer weapon in Legion [Image via Blizzard Entertainment]
With the upcoming Artifact system, each World of Warcraft player sharing the same specialization may be wielding the same weapon, but these Artifact weapons also come with customizable traits, appearances, and relics. Players will level up their Artifact weapon through normal gameplay, finding new relics along the way or unlocking new appearances for the weapon. It is also important to note that an Artifact weapon can be transmogged over but its skins cannot be used to transmog another weapon. According to the primer on Wowhead, players will seek out their Artifact weapon soon after the expansion launches and level it throughout Legion.

Of course, leveling up an Artifact weapon also means players can utilize earned Artifact power on a weapon’s traits. With the alpha currently ongoing, dataminers have compiled an early look at several specializations’ weapons and their traits. Of course, Legion is still being tested, making traits and each weapon’s layout subject to change before release. MMO-Champion already has an early Artifact weapon trait calculator ready for players to preview each weapon’s power. However, some class specializations are not available at this time. Luckily, most of the Artifact weapon appearances are previewed in videos on the site.

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An example of Relics in use on an Artifact Weapon from Blizzcon 2015 [Image via WoWhead]
Artifact weapons are poised to make some drastic gameplay changes to each of the game’s 12 classes; including the imminent Demon Hunter. For example, one trait on the Balance Druid’s weapon, the Scythe of Elune, lets each cast of Starsurge summon “the spirit of Goldrinn” causing area damage. Another good instance of an Artifact weapon’s power is the Enhancement Shaman’s Doomhammer. It has a trait that will summon fiery tornadoes after a use of Lava Lash. Some weapons even alter a specialization’s abilities in truly interesting ways. The Destruction Warlock’s Scepter of Sargeras has a trait that makes Rain of Fire also rain down Infernals.

The Legion expansion is adding much more to World of Warcraft in addition to the Artifact weapon feature. A new level cap of 110, the Demon Hunter hero class, new dungeons, new raids, a plethora of new legendary items, a redesigned PvP system, and a revamped transmogrification system are also part of the expansion. Other big changes slated to happen in the game when the expansion releases include Gnomes finally being able to be Hunters, and Hunters will be able to tame new Mechanical pets. In fact, as the Inquisitr reported, Hunters that are not Gnomes or Goblins will need a special item only made by Engineers in order to tame the pets.

With the Legion expansion getting a summer 2016 release, World of Warcraft players will have to do wait patiently for these new Artifact weapons. However, players can pre-purchase the expansion now via and receive their digital bonuses right away. Players that purchase the Digital Deluxe edition of Legion will receive the unique Illidari Felstalker mount and the Nibbles pet immediately. That edition also comes with a few bonuses for other Blizzard Entertainment games including wings for Diablo 3 and a mount for Heroes of the Storm. The expansion, both the standard edition and the Digital Deluxe edition, also come with a level 100 character boost that can immediately be used upon pre-purchase.

Have you checked out what traits your favorite specialization’s Artifact weapon has yet?

[Image via Blizzard Entertainment]

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