Peggy McGuire: Voluntary Disappearance Or Foul Play?

The search for missing woman Peggy McGuire continues, but there is very little on which to investigate. NBC News reports that there is a limited amount of clues available in the disappearance of the Oklahoma woman, which is only adding to the existent stress that hovers over her loved ones during this desperate time.

Sheriff Kevin Ledbetter of McIntosh County says that detectives are investigating every avenue in this disappearance — whether she’s the victim of a crime, or if she somehow vanished on her own free will. He is insistent on treating this case with full attention while Peggy McGuire remains missing.

“We have to investigate as if it is the most serious case you could think of. Whatever may have happened, we have to treat it that way, whether some harm has come to her or she’s healthy and safe somewhere on her own free will.”

So what happened to Peggy? A bigger question to ask is whether she is a victim of foul play, or if she may have decided to voluntarily disappear, leaving her family in confusion and heartache. By all reports, it appears that this woman didn’t make a habit of disappearing. In fact, her loved ones are treating this with shock and understandable fear for the outcome of the search. Her parents have made multiple appeals to through the media and have expressed their desperation in looking for her. Her mother recently spoke to Dateline about the mysterious disappearance, expressing the sentiment that the woman would never leave her child behind like this.

“She wouldn’t just up and leave her little boy. Something is wrong. I just want my Peggy back. What if I never see her again?”

Peggy McGuire vanished two weeks ago under circumstances, which her family feel are suspicious. She was last physically seen dropping her son off at school, but later her vehicle was found abandoned in the parking lot of a bar in Eufaula — the town in which she resides. Reports indicate that a unidentified man was seen leaving the vehicle before it was discovered as belonging to the missing woman. The identity of this man has not yet been uncovered over the course of the investigation behind Peggy’s disappearance.

Meanwhile, some details have been clarified regarding the last time her family spoke to her. The day she was last seen, she reportedly spoke to her stepfather on the phone. She had reportedly dropped off her son, and was on her way to the home she shared with the boy’s father. She told her stepdad that she’d call him back to discuss deck measurements. However, she never called him back. She was also supposed to attend a ball game involving her niece. She didn’t show up for that. After approximately 48 hours of no contact with Peggy McGuire, her mother filed a report with the police.

“I couldn’t get her on Monday or Tuesday and neither could anyone else. She was completely off the grid. Now it is two weeks later with nothing, just nothing.”

What happened to Peggy McGuire? Authorities are investigating any possible lead they can find, and have also confirmed that several pieces of evidence is being processed, which was taken from the missing woman’s vehicle. Do you think police are investigating a case of possible foul play, or could Peggy’s disappearance have some other kind of explanation? Hopefully, this missing woman is located so the numerous questions surrounding her case get answers.

[Photo: Courtesy of McIntosh County Sheriff’s Dept.]