Cyber Monday 2015: Interactive eBay Map Helps Find Best Gifts

Cyber Monday 2015 has arrived, and with it many deals to get one’s head spinning. Every year, gift givers are faced with the question of what presents do the people on the holiday list really want. It can get frustrating browsing the many amazing choices that are being found when opening up the Cyber Monday email. Shopping for truly desired gifts this 2015 holiday season has now become easier with the help of an interactive map that eBay has compiled.

The Monday after Black Friday has become an exciting day to fulfill holiday shopping needs, with the ease of finding the best deals online from the comfort of the home or office. As reported by, eBay has developed an aid to help everyone in finding the top trending gifts by state. The cool map allows for all to easily see what purchases have been the trendiest in each U.S. state in order to help streamline the shopping process.

This Cyber Monday 2015 offers even more shopping specials and finds to maneuver through. Opening up the many email offers is akin to walking aimlessly in the store aisles, looking for that perfect holiday present for a special person. With an interactive assistant, the 2015 shopping season has become a bit easier.

The map, titled “What’s Trending this Wishing Season,” allows for one to click on a particular state to view the top trending items being purchased on eBay as 2015 holiday gifts.

“From trending toys to the most popular gifts, this interactive holiday map leverages data from eBay to highlight the wishes that are being fulfilled from coast to coast. Click on the map and be inspired by the unique inventory of items that are being bought on eBay across toys, electronics, and fashion.”

The 2015 Cyber Monday has evolved more into Cyber Week. Many shoppers are skipping the traditional store shopping, trading the fight for parking and crowds for the ease and comfort of shopping online. Updated each week throughout the gift buying time of year, eBay is using data received by their site to compile top trending holiday lists by state.

“This year, eBay shoppers are looking for great deals on a wide selection of products,” states Zoher Karu, eBay’s Vice President of Customer Optimization and Data, in a November 17 eBay press release.

The statistics are in for the top tech items, along with this year’s top toys and fashion. As with the past, Microsoft Xbox One and Sony PlayStation 4 are once again topping the lists. With the popularity of HDTVs and streaming services edging into the mainstream, 2015 has seen a rise in the purchase of streaming devices. Bluetooth speakers are also on trend for gift buying this year.

[Photo by Brendan Smialowski/Getty Images]

Many fashionable toys for 2015 Cyber Monday have the Star Wars theme. The Star Wars Princess Leia Organa as Jabba’s Prisoner Action Figure is top in Colorado and Washington. This year, the most trending LEGO toys feature Star Wars such as the popular Star Wars LEGO Advent Calendar Building Kit, the LEGO Polybag Star Wars The Force Awakens, Lego Star Wars Clone Trooper Minifigurine, and the Lego Star Wars Clone Trooper Minifigurine.

Other LEGO styling toys for 2015 are the LEGO Minecraft Building Set being purchased in Florida, and the Lego Jurassic World Vet With Bike T.Rex Tracker Minifigure Set popular in Oregon. Wyoming is buying the LEGO Ninijago Attack of the Morro Dragon Set. A huge seller this year in the toy category is the popular party game for horrible people, Cards Against Humanity.

Fashion forward 2015 Cyber Monday trends are featuring Ray Bans, UGGs, and Michael Kors. Also in fashion vogue for this holiday gift buying season are aviator sunglasses, watches, and a Blue Crystal Snowflake Silver Necklace Pendant. Fashion trends vary widely state to state, from practical items like tee shirts and shorts to high-priced frills such as designer watches.

The fad of holiday shopping online on the Monday following Thanksgiving began in the days of dial-up internet. Back in the 1990s, home internet was slow and expensive, so folks would use the day after the big holiday weekend to use the faster office internet speeds to shop online. Allowing one to skip the need of the dreaded Black Friday fighting for a parking spot at the mall, Cyber Monday 2015 has become a much anticipated day for great gift finding deals.

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