New Photos Of Princess Charlotte Released By William And Kate As Thank You To Media For Allowing The Family Privacy

New photos of Princess Charlotte, the fourth in line to the British throne, have been released by Kensington Palace as a “thank you” to the media and public for allowing the young children privacy as they grow up in the British monarchy. The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, and Prince Williams, also known as the Duke of Cambridge, released the photos showing six-month-old Charlotte sitting on a chair looking at a toy puppy. The tiny princess has not been seen in the public since her christening so the latest photos are a rare glimpse into the life of the royal baby.

The Daily Mail reports that Kensington Palace released the latest images of Princess Charlotte as a “thank you” to the media for allowing the royal baby time to grow up outside of the ever-present media spotlight. The images of Charlotte were taken by her mother the Duchess of Cambridge. Kate Middleton is a amateur photographer and has previously released personal photos taken with her Canon EOS 5D Mark II of Prince George. The intimate photos taken by the Duke and Duchess are released to great fanfare as the public enjoy the personal touches that doting mother Kate Middleton adds to the photographs.

With the young royals growing up in the privacy of the Anmer Hall, the family’s Norfolk home, the media and public rarely have a chance to see the faces of Princess Charlotte and Prince George. Therefore, the latest images of Princess Charlotte are the first-of-their-kind. The photos showcase Charlotte’s dark hair and blue eyes. Unlike Prince George, it seems that Princess Charlotte favors her mother with her beautiful brown locks.

The Kensington Palace notes that the photos were originally taken for personal viewing by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and were not intended for public consumption. However, the family wanted to thank the public for allowing the family the privacy they desire and decided it would be best to showcase some of their favorite photos of Princess Charlotte for the public.

The sweet photos of 6-month-old Princess Charlotte feature two different images. One shows Charlotte smiling at a toy puppy, while the other shows the beautiful baby staring at the camera as she sits on a green gingham chair. The photos not only show off the baby princess’ beauty, but also the fact that she is reaching numerous milestones.

Princess Charlotte can be seen smiling, laughing, and sitting up on her own. The adorable photos also showcase Kate Middleton’s sophistication behind the camera. The Duchess of Cambridge is an amateur photographer that enjoys snapping photos of her growing children.

Prince William and Kate Middleton prefer a “normal” life for their children, but the future king is not shy about speaking about the princess. Prince Williams has detailed the contrasts in Princess Charlotte and Prince George noting that George is more boisterous, while Charlotte is more “ladylike” and well-behaved.

What do you think of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge releasing new images of Princess Charlotte? Do you think that the royal children will be able to continue to grow up without media interference or will the publicity of being in the British royal family eventually catch up to them?

[Image via Twitter/ Kensington Palace/Duchess of Cambridge]