WWE News: Update On Sting At ‘WrestleMania 32,’ John Cena Vs The Undertaker Still Set For Event

WWE Legend The Undertaker is in his last big run with WWE, seemingly, and it feels like we’re getting our last portion of matches with The Deadman, and it will surely be can’t-miss television — or streaming. Many want to see Sting work in Taker’s last match, and while that may be a dream match from back in the day, it does not look like WWE is leaning toward this match ever happening.

According to the Wrestling Observer, WWE has no plans for Sting to wrestle at WrestleMania 32 as of now. He last worked a match with Seth Rollins at WWE Night of Champions for the WWE World Heavyweight Title in a losing effort. There, he sustained an injury, of which the severity is still really unknown. Many felt at the time, however, that it was going to be Sting’s last match, at least for the WWE.

The thought was that WWE pushed Sting way too hard and they will most likely take more caution with him if they do decide to use him in the future. If he does work again, it might be in a tag team match or some sort of squash match. It is doubtful he’ll work with any big names once again, unless it is against someone WWE can really trust with him like a Triple H again. Having him work with The Undertaker wouldn’t really be safe for either man.

RAW Sting [Image via WWE]The reason is that although Undertaker is a safe worker, he is older at this point in his career, and like Sting, he needs to work with people that can help him through matches at times. This is why Undertaker has worked a tag team match, as well as matches with The Undertaker and Bray Wyatt, the last few years. Now, according to the Observer once more, WWE is planning tentatively now for the Deadman to take on John Cena at WrestleMania 32.

Many wonder why the WWE would have such a match take place. Of course, most internet fans will go on a tangent, saying Cena is not worthy of a match with Undertaker and will think he’ll politically work his way into the win. None of this is accurate, of course, because in clear thought and understanding you realize that whomever Undertaker faces at WrestleMania will be someone he wants to face.

It will most likely be his last match with WWE. John Cena is perfect to work with simply due to the name alone. Who better to have your last match with than the top man in the company? Many are hurt at this point, as well, and while others might be able to deliver a better match for The Undertaker, Cena has shown he can deliver. His United States Title open challenges over the summer and later this year were always exciting and must-see television.

The matches were always good and helped to lead to the popularity and pushes of many such as Kevin Owens and Cesaro. Owens now has gold around his waist, while Cesaro has been given more and more. WWE was planning to use him in a bigger way, but a recent injury forced this to come to a halt.

Hogan Cena [Image via WWE]Cena even in a win was able to bring attention to several people, which is a big deal for many to see. There is no way he would not go out and try to deliver his best ever work for The Undertaker. The two have actually wanted to work more together over the years, but things changed many times when this could have occurred. The brand split forced Cena to RAW, while Undertaker has mostly been a SmackDown man. Then, when Undertaker became more of a part-time guy, he worked with others because Cena was usually in World Title matches.

In his last run with the company, and with Cena healthy and the last true big name he has never faced on the grandest stage of them all, it makes total sense for The Undertaker to want John Cena as his final opponent. Spoiler alert, Cena probably won’t win this one, despite your thoughts of him doing so. However, it might include a gimmick just to make you think he could.

As far as Sting goes, if WWE does decide to use him, expect him to work a tag match of some sort as it would be lighter on him and would allow him to get a win at WrestleMania without having to put himself through as much.

[Image via WWE]