WWE News: John Cena Reportedly Returning A Lot Earlier Than Expected

John Cena lost to Alberto Del Rio at Hell in a Cell last weekend. His United States championship is no longer in his possession. Therefore, Cena’s ticket to time off was punched over the weekend. It was already confirmed that the 15-time WWE champion was going to take a hiatus and record a fitness-themed reality show for Fox. Whether that’s true or not, the WWE already gave notice to the fans that he was going away.

Del Rio’s return at Hell in a Cell provided the perfect opportunity for the WWE Creative team to write Cena off WWE television. Watching the way it ended, Del Rio kicked Cena flush. It was on purpose, as Cena’s exit from the WWE needed to make sense and fit his tough demeanor. Del Rio certainly did the job.

Alberto Del Rio HIAC JOhn CEna

Without Cena on WWE Raw the other night, other talent was forced to excel, and they succeeded in doing so. Dolph Ziggler, Roman Reigns, Kevin Owens, and Bray Wyatt utilized the time allotted and put together a great episode of WWE Raw. Sure, Sasha Banks or Dean Ambrose wasn’t there, but overall, the program was enjoyable to watch and received the same opinions throughout the WWE Universe.

One report involving John Cena definitely won’t garner the same reactions from each WWE fan. According to Ringside News and Bryan Alvarez, John Cena’s time off from WWE may not be as long as originally expected.

“Bryan Alvarez mentioned on Wrestling Observer Live that WWE actually plans on having Cena return at the December 13th WWE TLC event, which takes place in Cena’s hometown of Boston. The idea is to have Cena instate his rematch clause for the United States Championship against Alberto Del Rio.”

Cena is also advertised for the WWE live event at Madison Square Garden on December 26. If he’s supposed to come back at the TLC pay-per-view, the WWE will lose out on a grand opportunity at the Royal Rumble. What they should consider is having Cena come at the Royal Rumble— just like how he did several years ago, but this time, don’t have him win.

John Cena Royal Rumble

Making an appearance in the Rumble is big enough as a surprise entrant. Del Rio can carry the United States championship with younger challengers until he returns. Next year, Cena is supposed to be in the WWE championship hunt. Perhaps his time fighting for the U.S. title is over.

It’s well-known what the WWE Universe feels about Cena’s extended absence. According to WrestleZone.com and F4WOnline.com, the backstage reaction to Cena’s time off is relatively positive.

“For those wondering, there is no backstage heat John Cena for his upcoming hiatus from WWE, reports F4WOnline.com. There was speculation that there might be heat on Cena due to the clean loss he suffered at Hell in a Cell to Alberto Del Rio, but Cena’s time off is something WWE has known about since back in the summer and they are fine with it.”

There is more than enough talent to carry the WWE to new heights without John Cena being available. Guys like Cesaro, Dolph Ziggler, Neville, and others should be focused on WWE programming anyway. Cena wasn’t taking anybody’s spot, but he isn’t relied on like prior years. If he doesn’t win another WWE championship, the company will survive.

If he returns early, that will mean one of two things: the WWE can’t survive without him, or he just really wants to come back and compete. Hopefully, it’s the latter reason that is factual. In five years, the WWE may not have John Cena anymore. It’s better to get used to that fact now, before it’s too late.

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