French Army Guard Water Facilities Amid Fears Of Chemical Attack On Paris, Protective Gear Stolen From Hospital

Tara West

The French Army is guarding the Paris water supply after protective equipment was stolen from a local hospital. The gear stolen, which included a full protective suit, is used to protect a user from exposure to chemicals. The theft of the chemical gear is sparking fears in Paris that someone may be planning a chemical attack in the city. Following the realization that a chemical attack could poison the water supply, French authorities began testing the water for poisoning, and placed guards around the city's water supply structures.

The Daily Mail reported that French Army members were seen guarding local water supplies in Paris following the theft of chemical protective gear from a hospital in the city. It was noted that a local hospital, Necker Children's Hospital in central Paris, reported that gear used to guard against chemical exposure was stolen from the facility. The authorities were notified of the theft, which included a full protective body suit, and the army members were dispatched to local water supplies over fears of a chemical attack.

The city also sent scientists to test the water supply for any signs of chemicals as the Army continued to stand guard. The Paris Water president, Célia Blauel, confirmed that the water supply was being tested and that six sample of Paris' most vital water sites were being guarded. Blauel also noted that extra chlorine was added to the water in a bid to limit the risk of contamination.

"Checks are continuing. When the chlorine level drops, it means there is biological contamination. The chlorine level is controlled throughout the network. This allows us – if necessary – to precisely isolate the affected area without disrupting the entire network."

— The Telegraph (@Telegraph) November 21, 2015

A hospital spokesperson confirmed that protective gear was stolen and noted that the gear was specifically designed to guard against chemical contamination, and also viruses such as Ebola. The hospital spokesperson said that more than 30 pairs of protective boots were stolen from the facility and that masks and glove were also taken.

The fear in Europe is only increasing as Brussels goes into lock down following threats by the Islamic State of a Paris-style attack on the country. The threats were so serious that the entire metro system was closed along with all sporting events cancelled. It was noted that "precise information of possible multiple gun and bomb attacks" were uncovered and that the threat level was raised accordingly. As a result, "armed police and soldiers patrolled the streets, shops were closed, sporting events cancelled and the underground metro system closed."

Meanwhile, fears in the United States are also growing as it was revealed that Syrian families may be trying to enter the country from Mexico. Authorities in Honduras arrested five Syrian men who were using fake Greek passports to enter the country by airplane. The men were allegedly heading to Honduras in a bid to cross over into Guatemala, and eventually Mexico, to enter America by foot. Similarly, three men from Syria were detained with fake Greek passports in the Caribbean. The fact that the men were able to pass through multiple other countries, including Brazil, the Dominican Republic, and Haiti before being discovered has caused many to demand more thorough controls on those leaving Syria and Greece for the Americas.

What do you think about Paris guarding its water supply in the wake of the chemical gear theft? Is the Islamic State using the threat of violence to cause chaos across the globe?

[Photo by Marc Piasecki/Getty Images]