November 16, 2015
'The Voice' Top 12: Which Ladies Can Survive To Sing Next Week?

Where have I seen this before? The Voice Season 9 is now live, and as the Top 12 contestants sing for their lives, some seem to be entering the week at a disadvantage. I'm talking about the ladies of The Voice.

It's hard not to notice that America (mostly) only seemed interested in saving the dudes this season. Of the five remaining women, only two of them were voted into the Top 12 by the Voice audience. This is highly significant. The Voice audience is usually pretty stubborn about its "protected" favorites, with STAND OUT performances required to shake them into offering up crucial votes. It's very possible that we'll have a mostly-male Top 8 with only one female singer surviving that far or into the Top 6.

If that's true, which women Voice singers are the most in danger of heading home?

Korin Bukowski was saved for noble reasons. Her Voice coach, Gwen Stefani, said she kept her on the series because of the belief she could "best work with her" to help her as an artist. This experience and advice will no doubt be extremely useful whenever Korin leaves exits the show -- and that could be tomorrow.

Tonight, she sang "Titanium," a cover of the David Guetta track featuring Sia that was stripped down to suit her voice. Sia is a hard artist to cover, and we've already heard one Voice singer take on the challenge of covering her this season (Jordan Smith). Korin did her best, but I considered it a rather dull cover. It lacked the emotional punch she needed to evade being in danger of elimination.

Emily Ann Roberts. I was genuinely puzzled how she came to be appointed rather than voted into the Top 12. Remember how she ranked really high on iTunes heading into the Live Playoffs? I was sure Emily Ann would be voted on...and then she wasn't. I was puzzled, and then I remembered something that Blake Shelton forgot before putting her through: The best female country artist isn't on his team. Shelby Brown was voted into the Top 8. I think that the Voice country fans have spoken. Blake could have kept his two guys and went with a non-country singer (Nadjah Nicole, perhaps?).

I do think we may be losing Roberts, especially if Shelby Brown delivers a truly powerful performance -- something she's vocally more than capable of. In addition to Brown siphoning away country votes over to Team Adam, Emily Ann is likely not nearly as popular as Team Blake members Zach Seabaugh and Barrett Butler. They seem to have so much support that, between themselves and Shelby, I just don't think there's enough voters left to keep Emily Ann out of the Bottom 3.

Right now, I feel like it's a toss-up between Madi Davis and Amy Vachal. Madi Davis covered Jewel, and her "Who Will Save Your Soul" was...lacking. Meanwhile, Amy Vachal put a Sade-esque spin on Drake's "Hotline Bling". I was boggling at the choice, but her interpretation was so unique and, as Shelton put it, "classy" that it may have helped her stay on. I can see either woman making it to the Top 8, but not beyond.The most safe of the women singers still on The Voice, the one I'd be stunned to see in any danger, would have to be Shelby Brown. She's proved herself to be a very talented young singer, one that appeals to both country and non-country music fans. I actually believe of all the remaining country singers, -- Blake is going to have a vote-split issue, calling it now -- she's probably the most likely to make it to the Top 4.

The remaining women, who aren't Shelby, are going to have to dig deep and hope their coaches get them some good songs. Otherwise, we'll be bleeding female performers over the next couple of weeks.

[Image via NBC/The Voice]