Bill Maher Gets “GOP Sentimental” Then Attacks Sarah Palin And Dan Quayle [Video]

Sarah Palin Attacked By Bill Maher

Bill Maher may be a left-wing liberal political satirist who loves to attack the far right but that does not mean he won’t get all sentimental about the good old conservative days of decades prior.

Maher was responding to controversial remarked made by Jeb Bush this past week when he started reminiscing about a more moderate GOP that was led by Ronald Reagan. According to Maher:

“Ronald Reagan raised taxes, he was for no nukes…He was very much for collective bargaining…Today, that’s Dennis Kucinich.”

That comment which came during Friday nights “Real Time” show then led him to discuss George H.W. Bush and his moderate track record which led him to talk about running mate choice, that’s where he opened up about Sarah Palin and Dan Quayle

“I remember his father,” Maher said, “Dan Quayle was Sarah Palin with t*ts long before [they had her].”

Maher then took the jab one step further:

“John McCain did not invent the bimbo running mate. George Bush the first did.”

Okay so perhaps Bill Maher is not about to have a huge change of heart and jump over to the Republican side, then again when a left-wing political satirist starts waxing philosophical about the good old days of the Republican Party you have to question the direction the United States has taken over the last three to four decades.

Do you think Bill Maher has a good point, was Dan Quayle just Sarah Palin without the female anatomy?