Gwen Stefani Loaned Money To Nanny Who Had Affair With Gavin Rossdale

News recently came out that Gavin Rossdale was allegedly cheating on ex-wife Gwen Stefani while they were married. Gavin was having a fun time with the nanny while his wife was being faithful, including when she was pregnant with their third son together. Now Radar Online is sharing that Gwen had no idea and was so close with their nanny that she was willing to loan her money. They actually loaned the nanny, Mindy Mann, a huge amount of cash.

Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale loaned her $50,000 so she could start her own business. An insider shared that this happened back in 2012.

“They loaned Mindy the money to launch Pint Size Kids, which is an indoor playground. Mindy didn’t plan on asking Gwen and Gavin for the money. It was Gavin who discovered the funds were needed to get the business open.”

The source explained that Gwen thought that it would be a good investment and, of course, she is all about empowering women. The source went on to share more details on the cheating scandal.

“But it was around the time that Pint Size Kids opened that Gavin and Mindy became romantically involved. Gavin would often bring his kids there to take enrichment classes. Things got very intense with Gavin and Mindy very quickly.”

Sources say that Mann and Rossdale are no longer dating, but if they were, they wouldn’t want the world to know about it. Gwen Stefani has now moved on and is dating country singer Blake Shelton. It looks like she is moving on just fine. If Gavin has found love, then he isn’t sharing that, but he hasn’t taken his wedding ring off yet since the split from Gwen Stefani, so maybe he is still holding out hope it will work. Now it turns out that Mindy Mann is afraid that she is going to lose her business over this affair.

“Pint Size Kids has been Mindy’s true love. She is great with kids and is afraid the business will now go under because the affair with Gavin has been made public.”


Now that Mindy Mann’s business is public knowledge and that Gwen Stefani helped her start the business by loaning her cash, you never know if some people will avoid the business altogether. The website for Pint Size Kids explains exactly what this business is: an indoor play area for kids. They share that no shoes are allowed, but you should wear socks. You can walk right in and just pay $12 for the kids to play in the indoor play area. It does sound like Mindy Mann has an amazing business, but only because Gwen Stefani was willing to help give her the money to get it started.

Gwen Stefani is doing great now with boyfriend Blake Shelton, but some of the rumors are suggesting these two are not real. Rumors have been flying that Blake already got her pregnant, but he went to Twitter to share that these allegations are not true at all. Instead, the two are just simply dating and actually very early in their relationship. Gwen already has three children from her marriage to Gavin Rossdale, so there is no reason to start working on another baby already.

Are you shocked to hear that Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale helped out the nanny to start her own business? Do you think that Gwen is regretting that decision now? Sound off in the comments below, and don’t miss watching Gwen Stefani on The Voice on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday nights on NBC.

[Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]