Blake Shelton Mocks Rumors That Gwen Stefani Is Already Pregnant

Rumors are flying that Blake Shelton already got Gwen Stefani pregnant, and now Blake is speaking out against them. Shelton is known for addressing what is going on right now, and it doesn’t sound like there is any truth to these rumors.

Gossip Cop shared what Shelton had to say about the big rumors about the baby on the way. OK! Magazine just published a new issue that says Gwen is pregnant with Blake’s child. Shelton is not just letting this all go, though. Blake felt the need to mock these wild rumors on Twitter.

Blake went on Twitter and to discuss the rumors. A fan teased Blake that they were expecting his love child, and then he replied, “I just read that I am having your love child…”

Shelton replied, “Ha!!! You too!!! D**n I’m fertile!!”

It is very obvious that Blake Shelton has seen the headlines and is joking about them. At least Blake Shelton is taking things pretty well so far and joking about it all. Blake actually also said that people can’t be dumb enough to believe these things. Blake and Gwen are very early in their relationship, and the idea of a baby already would be pretty surprising.

Blake Shelton spent a bit of time responding to fans who were asking about him about rumors. Here are a few of the tweets that happened today.

“‘Next weeks headline: @blakeshelton caught in love triangle with alien from outer space and was caught drinking a beer with Elvis. Haha.’ Blake replied, ‘Now that one could be true.’ Another wrote, ‘Next big news story.. It’s Blake’s fault all the Starbucks cups don’t say Merry Christmas.’ He tweeted back, ‘Ha!!!!!!!!'”

Blake Shelton kept it going for a bit, replying to fans and talking about how he doesn’t feel like tabloids are right. It is obvious that Blake wants everyone to know that Gwen Stefani is not really pregnant with his baby. She already has three children with her ex-husband, Gavin Rossdale, and at this time Blake Shelton doesn’t have any children. You never know what will happen in the future, but for now, Blake and Gwen have just barely even started dating each other.

Even though Blake Shelton is on The Voice, he wanted to show his followers that he hasn’t really changed. He is still a man from Oklahoma. Blake is still a guy who loves hunting and being out in the country.

Blake is spending the day out having a good time. Another fan told him that he went really Hollywood and Blake responded to her, showing that he is out in the wilderness today. Blake Shelton shared that he is back in Oklahoma, and that is obvious from the posts he has been doing today. Even though he is filming The Voice, there is time to come home once in a while in between episodes. Blake is back home on the farm once again.

You can see that Blake and Gwen have a lot of chemistry sometimes though. This clip from Jimmy Fallon shows it.

Blake Shelton has been through a hard year after his divorce from Miranda Lambert. Now he is moving on with Gwen Stefani and seems happy once again. Rumors will still happen, but it looks like Blake isn’t afraid to let everyone know the truth. Don’t miss Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani together on The Voice. New episodes air on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday each week on NBC. This is a great chance to see how Blake and Gwen interact with each other.

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