'The Walking Dead' Spoilers: Glenn Rhee Alive On The Radio? Daryl Dixon/Norman Reedus Gives 'TWD' Recap

In talking about the TWD episode "Always Accountable," Norman Reedus' The Walking Dead recap gives us potential spoilers about Glenn's death scene and how Daryl Dixon's actions may affect future outcomes. But what everyone really wants from The Walking Dead spoilers is to know whether that was Glenn's voice on the radio during the episode's final scenes.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, Jeffrey Dean Morgan has been cast as the TWD season 6 character Negan, so you just know Lucille is coming for someone pretty soon. Steven Yeun, who plays Glenn Rhee, broke his silence for the first time since Glenn's death scene, and Lauren Cohan spoke about Maggie's pregnancy.

In this new The Walking Dead season 6 episode, Daryl changes a lot from what we are used to seeing. Not only does he give total strangers a benefit of doubt once, he does it again even after being taken prisoner. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Reedus explained in a The Walking Dead recap why Daryl returned after seeing insulin in a duffel bag.

"Because I don't think those people were bad people," Reedus said. "They were good people, but they are doing what they have to do to survive. He's noticing that one of them is sweating and fainting and passing out, and he knows what that is. And that insulin, when he sees that, it completely registers with him what is going on. And they're trying to survive."

That's not the only major change to our favorite TWD character. Daryl even loses his precious crossbow and motorcycle, which probably had Reedus fans howling at their TV screens.

The good news is that there was a motorcycle chase scene and Reedus was actually riding the whole time except for one part.
"I did all of it except for the laying down of the bike. They wouldn't let me lay down the bike, but otherwise — all of it. And some of those aerial shots that we did that you saw prior — I was probably doing, like, 80 [MPH]. Don't tell [executive producer] Tom Luse! But I was doing about 80. It was kind of fun."
'The Walking Dead' Spoilers: Glenn's Death Scene Upsets Norman Reedus [Video]
Steven Yeun as Glenn Rhee [Image via Dylan Coulter]

The Walking Dead's Glenn: Alive Or Dead?

When explaining these The Walking Dead spoilers, it's worth recalling that the first time we met Glenn in TWD he was just a voice on a radio. This was all the way back in episode 1. Rick Grimes thought he was trapped inside a tank until Glenn's voice reached out to him and showed him how to escape.

"Hey you. Dumba**. Yeah, you in the tank. You cozy in there?" he said.

The last time they successfully spoke on the radio, Glenn even insulted Rick in the same manner, which may have been a way the producers chose to close the chapter on this particular character. Symbolically, Glenn's death scene works out great because Rick only receives static on the line.

But now we have voice crying out for help on a radio -- does this mean Glenn is alive? After all, the last time we saw Glenn he clearly had a walkie-talkie clipped to his belt. Theoretically, assuming his guts were not yanked out, it's possible he crawled underneath the dumpster, used the flare gun to distract the zombies, and now he's trying to reach out for help.

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Glenn's Death Scene [Image via AMC]Norman Reedus was specifically asked during the recap if this was Glenn's voice. Surprisingly, he directly answered, also giving us further The Walking Dead spoilers.

"I will say that voice is not Glenn," said Reedus. "It's not Glenn. But it's probably somebody at Alexandria with all we know that's happening there."

Reedus was also asked about the "insane" reaction to Glenn's death scene, and the actor felt it in his gut just like everyone else.

"I had the same reaction. He's such a beloved character and such a good friend of mine. You know, I saw what I saw in that episode. And I was in that episode. And I was still pissed off at the end of the episode. I was in shock, and I was there! So I felt it too. You see what you see and that's the point. If it hurts, it hurts. And if it's shocking, it's shocking. You're supposed to feel the pain. That's the idea."
When Reedus first watched the episode for himself, the TWD actor recalls stomping around the room and cursing due to how shocked he felt. Unfortunately, in the end, fans still do not know the exact fate of Steven Yeun's character. It's possible the producers will attempt to surprise fans by suddenly bringing him back, but it's also possible the next time we see Glenn he'll be just another shambling member of the herd.What do you think?

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