‘The Walking Dead’ Spoilers: Lauren Cohan Gives TWD Recap On Glenn’s ‘Death,’ Maggie’s Pregnancy

In talking about the TWD episode “Now,” Lauren Cohan’s The Walking Dead recap gives us potential spoilers about Glenn’s death scene and how Maggie’s pregnancy affects her character’s motives. While Steven Yeun has yet to give us any juicy The Walking Dead spoilers, his continuing absence from the opening credits may speak louder than any words.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, Daryl Dixon’s death is often the topic of The Walking Dead spoilers articles, and one of the show’s producers directly addressed this particular idea during a recent interview.

At this point in time it seems obvious that the TWD producers fully intend on leaving the fans hanging for at least several episodes. If we are to receive any hint about Glenn’s death, it is possible it will be like Carol’s daughter, Sophia, who was missing in action and eventually found to be a zombie in TWD Season 2. (It should be noted that Sophia lived on in the comics while Carol died.)

Assuming Glenn is alive, there is a good chance that the mid-season finale for The Walking Dead Season 6 will be when Glenn suddenly stumbles into town. This event would be a good way to have yet another flashback episode where Jesus saves Glenn. No, not Jesus Christ, the gay Jesus from the Hilltop Colony.

But if Glenn is dead then really he should be completely missing in action. Maggie should never be able to find any evidence of her missing husband’s fate since a zombie herd should not leave a trace. Glenn should be devoured, not conveniently showing up as a zombie just so audiences receive closure with one of their favorite characters.

Still, if we are to do a proper The Walking Dead recap, it would be best to discuss how Maggie reacts in the here and “Now.” At first, Maggie is convinced that Glenn is dead so she writes his name on the memorial wall in Alexandria. But Aaron convinces Maggie to go searching for her husband by trudging through the sewers in order to reach the location where Nicholas and Glenn were last seen.

“If he’s alive, he’s hurt or trapped, maybe taken. If he’s alive, he needs my help, that’s why I’m doing this,” Maggie tells Aaron. “And if he’s dead, I don’t wanna be waiting on him.”

This misadventure ends poorly, but by the end of the episode, Maggie feels confident enough to discuss naming her baby. She also erases Glenn’s name away from the memorial board just as Steven Yeun’s name has been wiped from the credits.

The Walking Dead spoilers: Maggie is pregnant.
Maggie of The Walking Dead [Image via AMC]
When Lauren Cohan spoke to Variety about the new episode she seemed willing to give fans some hints with The Walking Dead spoilers. Cohan was asked how Maggie will behave for the rest of the season, and answer seems to indicate that Glenn will be MIA for a time.

“It’s going to be a war between all her desires and resistance,” Cohan said. “If you take war and potential loss of husband out of the equation and you just look at motherhood, and you just look at relationship with Deanna and you just look at new world having just lost sister and father, even if you took all those things away and just look at motherhood, it’s such a journey ahead. I’m so excited to get to explore and portray the ultimate hero, which is a woman bringing a child into the world.”

Scott Gimple has teased fans about seeing Glenn in some form or another in the future. Asked if fans will be satisfied by the form Glenn takes, Cohan says that talking about satisfaction is a “disservice to any storyline on The Walking Dead” because events such as these are “never tied up in a bow.”

Although the actress claimed she was not specifically talking about “Glenn’s fate,” she also spoke about Maggie’s attitude now that Glenn is missing.

“Maggie is this person who will not give up, it’s innocent until proven otherwise, so as we see at the end of this episode, I’m taking his name off that wall, as is Aaron,” she said.

Regardless, Lauren Cohan says she grieved with fans when she first saw Glenn’s death scene.

“It’s been really, really overwhelmingly difficult to see people. I know for Steve [Yeun] and the whole cast really, it’s a group grief, a world consciousness, almost. There are fan reaction videos of people that film themselves watching the episodes. And I cry all over again watching people’s reactions, because oh god, Glenn, not Glenn. He’s the epitome of goodness and hope.”

If you are looking for more The Walking Dead spoilers, AMC was nice enough to give us a teaser video showing Daryl Dixon struggling with his motorcycle. Episode 6, “Always Accounted,” will air on November 15, 2015.

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