New Antarctica Flying Saucer UFO Crash Site Images Allegedly Showing Military Tanks Guarding Site Spark Controversy

The online UFO community has revisited the case of a Google Earth satellite image that first emerged online in June 2015, which purportedly shows an Antarctica flying saucer UFO crash site. The image is receiving attention in the online UFO community once again after another UFO hunter announced discovery of new satellite images of the same site allegedly taken at a previous date showing four large vehicles at the site.

The Inquisitr reported in June 2015, discovery of a Google Earth satellite image of an Antarctica site by Russian UFO researcher Valentin Degterev from Nizhny Tagil in central Russia, showing what many thought was a crevasse or fissure in Antarctica ice, but which Degterev claimed was in fact the wreckage of a UFO — an alien flying saucer — half-buried in the ice.

According to Degterev, the Google Earth satellite image of an Antarctica site shows a crashed alien spaceship — about 240 feet in diameter and 40 feet high — stuck in the ice. Degterev gave the coordinates of the site as 80°34’08.4″S 30°05’19.3″W on Google Map

The image went viral first on Russian social media, sparking a fierce debate between viewers who thought the site showed a crevasse or fissure in Antarctica ice and those who agreed with Degterev that it showed a crashed flying saucer UFO half buried in ice.

Image Shows Alleged UFO Crash Site
February 15, 2012 Google Earth Image Discovered By Valentin Degterev Showing Alleged UFO Crash Site (Image via Google Earth)

The Google Earth image of the Antarctica UFO crash site discovered by Degterev was reportedly photographed by Google Earth satellite on February 15, 2012. But the interest in the mystery of the site was rekindled recently after another online UFO researcher Third Phase of Moon announced discovery of two new Google Earth satellite images of the same site taken in April 2011 and December 2011 that appear to show four massive vehicles parked in the snow near the UFO site. The images also show what appear to be a flying saucer UFO and skid marks in the snow that give the impression that the flying saucer UFO performed an emergency landing.

Tanks Guarding Flying Saucer UFO?
Are These Military Tanks Guarding UFO Crash Site In Antartica? (Image via Third Phase Of Moon/YouTube)

The new images sparked fresh debate after Third Phase of Moon suggested that the four vehicles shown parked close to the UFO crash site were military tanks, apparently guarding the site.

“Tanks Surround Flying Saucer? UFO image captured by Google Earth of what looks to be a Flying Saucer That Crashed Landed and Surrounded by Military Tanks!”

But the claim that the vehicles were military tanks was challenged by YouTube users who noted that based on the scale of the map, the alleged tanks would have to be 70 meters long. And since there are no known tanks that size, viewers argued that the four objects in the image had not been correctly identified.

Are These Tanks Guarding Antarctica UFO Crash Site?
Close-Up Image Purportedly Shows Tanks Guarding Antarctica UFO Crash Site (Image via Third Phase Of Moon/YouTube)

Other viewers pointed out that there were no tracks or tire marks behind the tanks that show that they drove up to the site. But that argument was dismissed by other viewers who said that the marks could have been erased by falling snow or by strong wind after the “tanks” parked in front of the UFO crash site.

“Rubbish the tanks have no tracks. If those are tanks they have been abandoned there for a while.”

“You do realize that it is the Antarctic where it snows practically all the time? it would take 10-20 mins for track marks to disappear. As for the skid mark of the ‘UFO that can be explained if the UFO leaked some type of futuristic propellant, and cause the snow to melt on impact.”

“The reason the images are different, is that they are taken a year apart… this is clearly visible in the datestamp below…”

In response to questions raised by some viewers why the wind or falling snow had not erased the skid marks behind the alleged crashed UFO, others suggested that the skid marks were probably very deep and that the tanks left comparatively superficial marks on the snow that were erased faster.

Tanks Guard UFO Crash Site?
Tanks Allegedly Guard UFO Crash Site (Image via Third Phase Of Moon/YouTube)

Skeptics also wondered why the alleged crashed UFO looks different in the new photo. In the first photo that emerged, it appeared buried in the snow almost vertically on its side, but in the new image it is positioned horizontally on the snow.

Some viewers suggested this could be evidence that the people who parked the tanks tried to bury the evidence, but had not finished the job when the Google Earth satellite snapped the photo of the site in February 2012. But that raised the question why the tanks and their occupants had left the site by February 2012 when they had not finished burying the evidence.

UFO Crash Site In Antarctica Ice
Image Shows Skid Marks Behind Alleged Crashed Flying Saucer UFO (Image via Third Phase Of Moon/YouTube)

Some viewers also wanted to see newer images of the site to check what has happened since 2012.

But some viewers claimed that the 2011 satellite images discovered by Third Phase of Moon were not taken at the same site as the previous image but at a completely different location.

“The supposedly older image of the same location is actually a completely different location on the other side of Antarctica.”

“This ‘new’ image is not of the same location as before. The original image is from 80°34’08.4″S 30°05’19.3″W (2012-02-14) and this new image is from 77°49’46.88″S 166°50’42.43″E (2011-02-23).”

Some viewers disputed the claim that the new images were taken from a different location, while others accused Third Phase of Moon of hoax, pointing out that the UFO hunter has been accused of faking images in the past to push extravagant claims of UFO discoveries.

[Images via Third Phase of Moon/YouTube]