Blue Circle Of Light UFO Over Chilean City Of Iquique Spreads Panic, Sparks Project Blue Beam Conspiracy Theory Speculations

There was mild panic in a Chilean port city earlier this the week when a UFO appeared in the night sky hovering over the city. The mysterious UFO, which appeared as a circle of light hovering over the city of Iquique in the Tarapaca Region of Northern Chile, was seen by thousands of residents who snapped photos and posted them online.

Photos and videos of the blue-tinged circle of light UFO posted to social media sparked an online debate. Many residents were convinced that the city was under surveillance by aliens in a spaceship and many took to social media demanding an explanation from their government.

The debate continued to rage on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook until the authorities announced that the circle of light UFO was a “test run” of a new clock designed to be beamed up in the night sky over the city.

“What is that on the sky?”

“Something strange is happening on our sky”

“It appears an UFO can be seen on the sky of Iquique. I’m nervous.”

According to the local authorities, the city is constructing a new public clock designed to beam up the correct local time onto the nightsky, and the circle of blue light was the “test run” for the design.

The national newspaper, Soy Chile, said that construction of the new clock was nearly complete and that engineers were running a series of tests. But the authorities did not say exactly when the clock would be put to public use.

Predictably, the official explanation is being dismissed in the UFO community as fabrication. Many UFO bloggers insist that the Chilean authorities were trying to cover up the truth about an alien UFO surveillance of the city, or possibly something else even more sinister.

For instance, Mysterious Universe’s Paul Seaburn notes that the circle of light did not look remotely like a clock display. He thus raised doubts about the official explanations, saying that it was not credible coming soon after UFO sightings in copper mines in Iquique, and recent reports of strange lights in the sky over parts of northern Houston, Texas.

Reader comments on the Daily Mail were also overwhelmingly skeptical.

“If they are truly trying to project a clock in the sky, why not project a clock image to deter people from inferring it was indeed a UFO? And why is there the need to display a hologram clock in the sky to begin with? What a ridiculous explanation!”

“What are the ‘beams’ reflecting off? Pathetic cover up story.”

“Its the poorest excuse to explain it, I’m rolling on floor.”

“They don’t have weather balloons so they have to come up with a beamless projection of a clock!”

UFO Sightings Daily editor Scott Waring notes that circle of light UFOs are well-known to UFOlogists and that many have been seen in the past. He wonders aloud why the Chilean authorities chose to design the city clock to look like an alien UFO. He argues that the city authorities could easily be compelled by the military authorities to fabricate an “official explanation” to cover up an alien UFO incident to prevent mass panic.

“Maybe the city government is telling the truth and it’s a clock, or maybe they are trying to cover-up the truth,” Waring writes. “It seems to me if the Chile military told the city officials to cover it up, they would. This object in the sky rotates and has an uneven form. Many ring UFOs have been seen in the past. ”

Members of the online UFO community have also speculated that the Chilean authorities were probably carrying out a test run of Project Blue Beam.

Project Blue Beam is a conspiracy theory which alleges that NASA, in collaboration with the United Nations, will attempt to inaugurate the infamous Illuminati-sponsored New World Order (NWO) system that enthrones the Antichrist by faking an alien invasion from outer space, or a Second Coming of Jesus.

Project Blue Beam, according to conspiracy theorists, will be implemented using state-of-the-art holographic projection technology that is able to project a holographic image into the sky. The image would be so realistic that millions of Christians across the globe would be convinced that the Second Coming has occurred, and would accept the authority of the Antichrist pretending to be Jesus.

In non-Christian parts of the world, Project Blue Beam will be implemented using holographic images that reflect local myths and legends, leading people to believe that their culture’s messiah has returned. Similarly, in parts of the world where people believe widely in aliens saviors, the holographic image would simulate an alien invasion.

Mysterious Universe sums up the view in the UFO community that the circle of light UFO over Iquique was likely a test run of Project Blue Beam, saying, “as with any projections in the sky, talk turns to Project Blue Beam. If the government can project the time in the sky, what next?”

[Image via Mark Gallagher/ Public Domain]

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