Bataclan Terrorist Attack Video: Journalist Daniel Psenney Ran Toward Gunfire To Help Wounded And Fleeing Concertgoers, Ended Up Being Shot

Video of the Bataclan terrorist attack captures a disturbing scene of killing and chaos, but it also reveals the heroics of journalist Daniel Psenney who was filming the disturbing scene and decided to risk his life and help the wounded people below.

Psenney, a journalist with the French newspaper Le Monde, ended up capturing some of the most circulated footage of Friday’s terrorist attack in Paris, and then became a hero when he rushed toward the gunfire in order to help. Psenney ended up being shot in the arm as he helped the young concertgoers escape the massacre inside the concert hall, Oregon Live reported.

Psenney began to capture video shortly after the shooting took place, training his camera on a back door where more than a dozen young people escaped. The video shows people limping and bloodied, with loud gunshots audible from inside the hall. One man is dragging an unconscious person down the street, leaving a trail of blood. Another person who collapsed by the door, unable to go any further, lies in a pool of blood while trying to send a message on a smart phone.

The scene grew even more disturbing when some of the concertgoers tried to escape through second story windows. One young woman clung to a window ledge, more than 30 feet off the ground, then called for someone to help pull her back in, saying that she was pregnant.

Bataclan attack video shows disturbing scene

The footage he captured can be found here, but be warned that it is extremely graphic and very disturbing.

But in the chaos and danger, Daniel Psenney put himself in the line of danger to help some of the wounded people outside the concert hall.

“A woman was clinging to the Bataclan window on the second floor. I thought about the images of September 11th,” Psenny told Le Monde.

The eight terrorists who conducted the attacks in Paris were all killed, officials said. Seven were killed in suicide bombings and the eighth was killed inside the concert hall when security forces raided the building.

French authorities said more than 80 people were killed inside the concert hall, where the California-based band Eagles of Death Metal was performing. Witnesses said the gunman entered the building holding AK-4 rifles and began immediately firing at people.

“The terrorists were very calm, very determined, and they reloaded three or four times,” radio reporter Julien Pearce told USA Today. “I saw 20 to 25 bodies lying on the floor.”

He added that the crowded concert quickly turned into a bloodbath.

“The Bataclan is not a huge room…. It was overcrowded. It was sold out. So it was easy for them,” he said of the terrorists.

The shooting led to confusion in the area as well. In the video, Daniel Psenney could be heard yelling, “What happened?” to the people below.

“We could hear from the first explosion that metal bars had been shaken,” Adele Melice, 22, a student who lives within 200 meters of the Bataclan, said. “Three minutes later, a woman ran out with her shoulders practically destroyed. We could understand she had been hit by a bullet. I heard nothing but the explosion. When the first shots sounded, we didn’t realize that it was an attack.”

Daniel Psenney is not the only one to capture the attack on video. A second video of the terrorist attack in the Bataclan concert hall shows the moment inside when the shooting began, with the band abruptly stopping the moment the first shots ring out. That video can be seen here, but be warned that while it does not show any killing, it is still very disturbing.

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