Paris Attacks: Suicide Bomber Tried To Enter Stade De France, Security Guard Found Explosive Vest During Search

The suicide attacks in Paris on Friday evening left at least 129 dead, and the grief surrounding this tragedy has been felt across the globe.

But it’s now been revealed that there could have been even more casualties, after news filtered out that at least one suicide bomber tried to enter the Stade de France only to be prevented by security.

Three suicide bombers, who were one part of the six separate, but connected, terrorist attacks that shook Paris on Friday, detonated their devices outside the Stade De France, which was hosting an international friendly match between France and Germany.

Around 15 minutes into the game, at least one of the suicide bombers, who possessed a ticket to the match, tried to enter the 80,000-seater stadium. However, the suicide bomber was given a thorough pat-down by one of the security guards at the venue, who discovered that he had an explosive vest strapped to him, and then prevented him from entering.

According to the Daily Mail, the terrorist then walked away from the guard after he was frisked and rejected from entering. The terrorist wearing this explosive vest managed to detonate it before he could be apprehended or arrested, and then, according to reports, this provoked his two fellow suicide bombers to detonate their own bombs quickly after.


This information came from a member of the security team who was on duty on Friday evening, who only referred to himself as Zouheir.

He confirmed that one of the ticket-wielding terrorists was turned away from the Stade de France, while it has now been speculated that the trio each wanted to enter the stadium before then detonating their explosives inside amidst the crowd, which would have then caused huge casualties.

Just under three minutes after the first suicide bomber blew up his vest, the second followed suit and detonated his. The third suicide bomber then headed to a nearby McDonald’s restaurant, which is where he blew himself up.

French authorities have revealed that one civilian died in the Stade de France explosions. This number probably would have been a lot higher if the security guard hadn’t found the explosive vest strapped to the first suicide bomber.

Francoise Molins, who works as a Paris prosecutor, held a press conference to reveal some of the original findings to their investigation. Molins told the gathered press, “We can say at this stage of the investigation there was probably three coordinated teams of terrorists behind this barbaric act.”

The explosions outside of the Stade De France have increased security fears ahead of next summer’s European Championships, which are due to be held in France and will see over a million visitors enter into the country to attend the tournament.


Speaking about the impending threat, Jacques Lambert, who is the head of the Euro 2016 organizing committee, stated, “Right now we don’t have any particular information that the Euro could be a target.”

He went on to add, “We’ve known for months that there was a maximal risk (in France). It’s a country that is targeted but if you hit a mediatised event, that has more impact. The terrorist risk, ever since we presented our candidacy, has been considered a key risk.”

Lambert added, “My main worry is to offer maximum level of security. If that means implementing less ‘friendly’ measures, so be it. What matters to me is that the people go home safe and healthy.”

[Image via Getty/Adam Pretty]