Paris Attack Videos: People Hang From 2nd Floor, Run And Drag Shooting Victims Out Of Bataclan – New ISIS Video Threatens Paris

A plethora of videos showing the devastation of the Paris attacks and shootings are making their way online. The below video was filmed by Daniel Psenny, a journalist with the Paris-centric publication Le Monde. The disturbing video shows Paris Bataclan patrons fleeing the Paris attackers as gunshots can still be heard in the Bataclan concert hall. In the video, folks who were felled by the Paris attackers can be seen lying on the ground, bleeding and injured. Others run away from the Paris attackers, with at least one man limping. Still, others flee the horrific scene dragging bodies, perhaps of their loved ones, as the dead or injured aren’t left behind, but dragged along in efforts to get them away from the carnage and the still-shooting Paris attackers. At least two people can be seen hanging on for dear life outside the second story of Paris’ Bataclan theater, with one woman getting pulled up by another.

Warning: The following video from the Paris attack and shooting at the Paris Bataclan concert hall is graphic and could be disturbing to some viewers.

The video of the Paris attacks at the Bataclan concert hall, as reported by The Guardian, shows people doing whatever they can to escape the deadly Paris attacks. Psenny resides in a location directly above the Bataclan concert hall, and was himself injured in the Paris attacks. The journalist was shot in the arm as he tried to help those fleeing the Paris attacks stay safe in his apartment. Psenny’s gunshot wound from the Paris attacks is being cared for at the Georges-Pompidou hospital.

The video of the Paris attacks has been viewed nearly 7 million times on the Daily Motion site alone. The journalist who shot the video of the Paris attacks that caused folks to flee from the Bataclan concert venue described that being shot in his arm felt like a firecracker had gone off in his arm in the attack.

“Attacks in Paris: ‘I felt like a firecracker exploding in my arms'”

As reported by Le Monde, Daniel also a writer at PsennyWorld. The publication states that the Paris attacker who likely shot Daniel most likely shot him from a window, hit him with a bullet that crossed his left arm.

“Around 3 am, he was taken to the emergency room of the Georges Pompidou European Hospital in the 15 th arrondissement. He was waiting to be operated on Saturday morning as thirty other victims evacuated to the health facility.”

Some of the videos coming from the Paris attacks show how people like Daniel helped victims in the Paris attacks, even while being able to capture video of the attacks. Other videos show how some folks were saved in the Paris attacks. One man can be seen in a video showing how his cell phone took hits in the Paris attacks, as reported by The Guardian. Those cell phone hits helped him escape being hurt during the Paris explosions, and protected his head from flying shrapnel. He was just getting off this phone outside the Stade de France when the explosions occurred, sending shrapnel to his abdomen and foot.

Meanwhile, a new ISIS video says the Paris attacks, as reported by Variety, were due to “Taghut,” those who don’t believe in whom they claim is Allah.

“In Islamic theology, the word refers to idolatry or to worship anything except Allah.”

The new ISIS video not only takes responsibility for the Paris attacks, but promises more Paris attacks and seems to be recruiting others for new attacks.

People from all over the world have shown support for Paris in the wake of the attacks and horrible video footage that has emerged. “Rio is Paris” read signs held by people in front of Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on Saturday.

[AP Photo/Leo Correa]

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