Civil Rights Leaders and Republicans Respond to Obama’s Immigration Order

President Barack Obama’s announcement to stop the deportation of young illegal immigrants earlier today is prompting resounding applause from Civil Rights activists and DREAM Act supporters. Fiscally conservative Americans staunchly oppose the measure, noting the increased fiscal hardship caring for illegal immigrants places on taxpayers and allowing those in the country illegally to go without repercussions. Executive Director of The American Worker Latino Project Chuck Rocha issued a press release to media outlets heralding President Obama’s aid to “Dreamers” who have lived under the “threat of persecution for a so-called crime.”

Rocha’s supportive statement in relation to Obama’s executive order to halt the deportation of young illegal aliens also notes that ending the threat of such legal action is the reason the Latino Project exists. According to Rocha, young illegal immigrants are contributing members of society and support the American economy.

The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights joins Rocha in celebrating an end to the threatened deportation of young illegal immigrants in a media release offered after President Obama’s press conference. Organization CEO Wade Henderson stated “today is a good day for America” and believes the president’s executive order is both courageous and uplifting. The human rights leader calls the young immigrants which fall under the protection of Obama’s order “deserving youths” who can now move from the “shadows to the sunlight of our society.”

Mitt Romney is expected to voice a response to Obama’s executive order later today. Republican Texas Representative and Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee Lamar Smith opposes the controversial executive order which flies in the face of current deportation laws, according to the Washington Post. Smith stated Obama is “playing partisan politics” and committed a “breach of faith with the American people.”



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