Murdoch pontificates: Papers will be digital in 10 years

Ah good old Rupert Murdoch the king of News Corp decides to share with us his prognostications about where newspapers could end up 10 years down the road. The short form for those of you in a hurry – communications, and this includes newspapers, is changing totally and because we are moving into a digital age we will see big changes coming to the newspaper industry.


For the fuller version here is the ‘print bite’ from PaidContent

– On digital papers: Within ten years, I believe nearly all newspapers will be delivered to you digitally, either on your PC or a new—on a development of the Kindle, shall we say…. Something that’s quite mobile, you can take around with you. Communications are changing totally. We’re moving into a digital age, and it’s going to change newspapers. But if you’ve got a newspaper with a great name and a great reputation, and you trust it, the people in that community are going to need access to your source of news. What we call newspapers today, I call news organizations, journalistic enterprises, if you will. They’re the source of news. And people will reach it if it’s done well, whether they do it on a BlackBerry or a Kindle or a PC…. I think people will miss a great deal not getting everything that you get in the newspaper. You may not read everything in it, but your eye catches things, and you learn things you didn’t expect to learn. And I think we’ll get back to that when we get these mobile readers that you carry whole newspapers on them.”


And just to flesh out your day here is a portion of his interview on Fox Business (which he owns)

It’s nice to see old rich people catching on to the way things are changing isn’t it?