Raquel ‘Rocky’ Dakota Blasts Eddie Lucas, Thanks Emile Kotze For Being A Friend

As the latest episode of Below Deck aired on Tuesday night, Raquel “Rocky” Dakota slammed her former flame Eddie Lucas on Twitter. She posted several tweets that criticized Eddie for leading her on and how he treated her after they had sex, which she revealed to co-star Amy Johnson happened four times on the boat.

Rocky called Eddie a liar.

She later tweeted that she didn’t know that Eddie had been bad mouthing her to others on the yacht all along. She admitted that she really did like Eddie, and thought he was a good guy.

Rocky tweeted her thanks to Emile Kotze, who wanted to confront Eddie over his treatment of Rocky, for his support. She told Emile that he’s truly a nice guy and whoever ends up with him will be lucky to have him.

Not everyone thinks that Rocky’s friendship with Emile is genuine. Captain Lee Rosbach actually tweeted that Emile, who had feelings for Rocky, was being used by Rocky. Rocky disagreed, tweeting that Emile really was and is her friend.

On the latest episode, Raquel “Rocky” Dakota told Amy Johnson that she and Eddie Lucas actually hooked up four times on the yacht, three times in the laundry room and once in the restroom. Amy was so shocked that she had to sit on the floor to take the news.

“It was like steamy, starch and steamy dude. The first time was amazing, it was mind blowing. I was like, ‘I wanna marry this guy.’ I actually really liked him. Thought he was awesome and amazing. And then he’s like being mean to me. Eddie has been like a total a**hole to me so I kinda wanted to talk to him and yell…”

When Amy asked whether Eddie said anything about his girlfriend, Rocky said that he never mentioned his girlfriend. Amy confirmed to Rocky that Eddie actually has a girlfriend back home. “F**k,” Rocky responded. Emile, whom Rocky had already told about the hook ups, then joined the conversation and asked Rocky if she wants him to confront Eddie. Both Rocky and Amy told Emile to stay out of it.

During the filming of Season 3, Eddie had a girlfriend back home. On last week’s episode, Eddie was shown calling his girlfriend and crying over something that he has done. He told her that he adores her and that she knows that. In a confessional interview, Eddie said that he made a mistake with Rocky, but the mistake doesn’t define him. He said that he does love his girlfriend and doesn’t want to give up on her. It’s not actually clear whether Eddie confessed to his girlfriend about his hook ups with Rocky, since most of the phone conversation wasn’t shown.

After hooking up with Rocky, Eddie made fun of her to others. Rocky actually once overheard him calling her crazy and mimicking her behavior. At a celebratory group dinner later, Eddie said that Rocky is like the crazy girlfriend a person brings home. After Rocky stomped away from the dinner table, Connie Arias let out a rant about her, calling her annoying and irritating. Eddie agreed with Connie that Rocky is annoying and irritating.

It’s not clear whether Eddie Lucas is still with his girlfriend, since his Twitter and Instagram accounts hasn’t mentioned or shown her lately. On his Instagram page, the last photo she’s in is one from last Christmas season.

It's almost Christmas! Happy Holidays! #Hampden #baltimore #awkwardchristmascard #toosoonforallthisdecoration

A photo posted by eddielucas (@eddielucas) on

In his latest BravoTV.com blog post, Emile Kotze explained that he wanted to confront Eddie in order to get answers and closure.

“I just wanted confirmation from Eddie, by now Rocky and I had run our course. I was over all her drama, but I wanted to know the truth about everything and get closure…”

In another scene from the episode, Rocky broke down crying over the stresses of the job and her drama with Eddie.

On Twitter, Rocky actually agreed with her critics that it does look as if she doesn’t do anything except cry all the time. She seemed to blame that on editing, calling the show “ridiculous.”

In response to someone who told Rocky that she knew what she was getting herself into when she signed up for Below Deck, Rocky said that she actually didn’t.

Yet, not everyone is convinced. Kate Chastain, who has had drama with Rocky the entire season, tweeted her exasperation over yet another Rocky meltdown moment.

Viewers will soon be able to see Raquel “Rocky” Dakota confront Kate Chastain and Eddie Lucas and whether Emile Kotze still sticks by her side on a reunion show. As reported by the Inquisitr, the Below Deck cast filmed their Season 3 reunion show in Miami last weekend.

[Image via Bravo TV on Twitter]