‘Below Deck’ Season 3 Reunion Show Films, Kate Chastain And Raquel ‘Rocky’ Dakota Sit Closest To Andy Cohen On Opposite Couches

The Below Deck Season 3 reunion show filmed this past Saturday. A photo of the cast on the set shows that when the reunion show airs, viewers will likely see Kate Chastain and Raquel “Rocky” Dakota getting into some drama with one another.

On Saturday, cast member David Bradberry tweeted a photo of the cast members sitting on two couches with host Andy Cohen in a seat in the middle.

Unlike previous seasons, for which the reunion was held in Andy’s Watch What Happens Live clubhouse in New York City, this season’s reunion show was filmed in Miami. The setup is reminiscent of the Real Housewives reunion shows. Reflecting the show’s theme, the set’s color theme is nautical blue and props include palm trees and a small sail boat.

Given the women’s hair colors, it’s pretty clear from the photo that it’s Rocky and Kate sitting next to Andy on opposing couches. On one couch — seemingly the same couch that Kate is sitting on — is Amy Johnson, Connie Arias, and a male cast member. On the other couch, the one that Rocky seems to be on, are two male cast members and Captain Lee Rosbach. The names that David included in the tweet indicates that the three young male cast members on the couch are Emile Kotze, Ben Robinson, and Eddie Lucas.

A photo that Connie posted from the day confirms that Emile wore a dark blue suit, so it seems that he’s the guy sitting next to Rocky.

Emile Kotze also posted a photo of himself hanging out with Andy Cohen.


Perhaps David, given that he returned to the show late in the season, didn’t film the entire reunion show but popped up only for a short amount of time. He didn’t answer a fan who asked him that question but did tweet that the reunion show will likely air the week following the season finale.

If David did take part in the reunion show, which he most likely did, given that he was in Miami with the cast and took a photo of the set, he likely stood up for Rocky. Several days prior to the reunion filming, he tweeted that he found a friend in Rocky.

Rocky responded that she loves David’s energy.

David Bradberry’s photo, which doesn’t show Leon Walker, prompted many people to wonder if Leon Walker refused to participate in the reunion or wasn’t even invited to attend. Chef Leon butted heads all season long with Kate Chastain and made many questionable actions and decisions. Captain Lee Rosbach finally fired Leon after he found him at fault for the galley fire. After Leon was fired, Raquel “Rocky” Dakota said that the captain made the wrong decision and that it was Kate who should’ve been fired. Rocky even stripped off her clothes and dove off the boat in protest of the decision.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Kate recently gave herself and the other cast members Real Housewives-style taglines. Her tagline for Rocky joked about her going “off the deep end.”

Rocky recently affirmed her allegiance to Leon. She tweeted that she’s happy to call Leon her friend.

Despite butting heads with Kate Chastain and most everyone else on the Below Deck cast, Raquel “Rocky” Dakota wasn’t worried about filming the reunion show. Days prior, she posted a video of herself dancing happily in preparation for the reunion show.

Captain Lee Rosbach tweeted that the reunion show was a good one.

[Image via BravoTV on Twitter]

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