Hate Groups Begin To Terrorize University Of Missouri Campus: Black Mizzou Students Now Fear For Their Lives

Less than one day ago, student protests over racial tensions on the Campus of Missouri forced President Tim Wolfe to resign from his post. The protests were borne out of the black students’ anger that the University had failed to implement any plan of action to prevent black students from suffering at the hands of racists on campus, which was a growing trend and a threat to the black student population. However, now these University of Missouri hate groups are taking their racism a step further and actually threatening the lives of black students in earnest.

Campus police have had to inform students to call 911 immediately in the event of an emergency and should they face any threats in the wake of several phone threats being placed to the campus. Tuesday night also saw the brief lockdown of the campus’ Black Culture Center as, during a meeting of the Missouri Legislative Black Caucus with black students and Chancellor Bowen Loftin, there was a very threatening phone call placed to the center, supposedly by these hate groups. Mother Jones reported that Chancellor Bowen Loftin will be following the actions of President Wolfe and also plans to resign at the end of the year.

These black Mizzou students now face a fear for their lives should they step on campus, and it is a fear that many simply never expected to encounter on their university’s campus. Social media became the tool they used to express their fear and warn their community and fellow black students of the frightening, life-threatening activities. The overt racism that campus students had been experiencing that led to the protests has manifested now in the form of white male students circling black students and terrorizing them on campus by chanting racial epithets and threatening to shoot them.

Despite all the progress that had been made with the University, some claim that it would seem as if the threat to the lives of a specific race of their student body has not been seen as cause for alarm by the Mizzou campus officials. As many black students took to twitter and Facebook to tell the tales of their own or others encounter with the campus’ hate group, the University seemed to have remained unfazed. Their official Twitter page actually posted a tweet telling students if there was an actual emergency, they would respond.

This post comes in response to students sharing their encounters of white students in pickup trucks with the license plates removed circling black students and screaming “White Power” as they declared that they want an end to the protests. One student shared her encounter with the group and how the fear had left her visibly shaking and crying, but still worried about the exams she had in the morning. For that black student, the hate groups’ actions have implanted a fear for her life and gives her a tough decision to make about life versus her continued education. The Rickey Smiley Morning Show relayed a tweet in which another person warned all black students to stay away from the Missouri University Campus due to a hate group meeting being held.

“If you are black and on campus GO HOME there is a racist meeting in speaker circle they are threatening us saying don’t come tmmrw.”

Along with the officials in charge of the Missouri University’s Twitter account, @Mizzou, professors are also thinking the threat to the lives of their black students is a trivial matter and when asked about cancelling classes because of the threats, informed students that they should not let the bullies win.

The situation on campus is ongoing but another Missouri Campus twitter account, the online emergency information center for the University of Missouri, @MUAlert, has stated that they are investigating reports of hate groups on campus and that persons should refrain from spreading rumors as “there is no immediate threat to campus.”

Would you be able to feel safe on Mizzou grounds now that hate groups have emerged? Do you believe that the University of Missouri can and should do more to let their students feel safe? Let us know in the comments.

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