Man With Most Flesh Tunnels On Face Joins Guinness World Records

A German model has recently showcased the flesh tunnels he made in his face through the years, which are highlighted by two giant holes on his cheeks.

Joel Miggler, 23, said that ever since he got his first piercing at the age of 13-years-old, he became “addicted” to it, increasing the number of piercings he recieved each year. He was particularly fixated with flesh tunnels, a form of “body art” in which a portion of the flesh is removed in order to create a hollow area on the body.

The face is ideal for getting flesh tunnels because it has naturally hollow areas. Doing so in other parts of the body would be more dangerous, and a lot more expensive too. The model’s two giant flesh tunnels on both sides of his cheeks each measure 36mm in diameter, and one can easily see his molars from the holes. He even slid his forked tongue through one of the flesh tunnels to further showcase its size.


Another photo shows Miggler smoking a cigarette and letting the smoke seep out from the flesh tunnels, thereby creating a very dramatic photo that looks like he is burning from the inside. Another stunt involved him stringing a piece of red string through each of the tunnels on each side of his face.

Image via Instagram
Image via Instagram

Miggler has now broken the Guinness World Record for “the most number of flesh tunnels,” with a total of 11 tunnels all around his face. He will be featured in this year’s world-renowned reference book of human achievements — The Guinness Book of World Records. Aside from the two in his cheeks, he also has nine more flesh tunnels or “expanders” across his face.

Miggler has 27 body piercings in total, including six tattoos, an implant, and he even had “his buttock branded.”


However, the flesh tunnels do come with a price, both literally and practically. He has reportedly spent over £4,000 ($6092.80) for all the piercings and body alterations he has gone through.

In addition, he revealed that he has some difficulty when eating, especially when having soup, or even drinking. In these situations, he said he simply “plugs” his flesh tunnels like a bathroom sink.


When the tunnels are open though, he reportedly takes smaller bites on food, although Miggler claims that the holes have not caused any drastic change in his lifestyle.

In spite of making the Guinness World Record for most flesh tunnels, Miggler, who hails from Küssaberg, Germany, said that he would soon add to his number of flesh tunnels, or even make them wider.

In an interview with an Australian newspaper, he said that he aims to make the flesh tunnels bigger, from 36mm to around 40mm wide.

Man with most flesh tunnels wants more

“I’m very happy with my flesh tunnels, but I always want to get a new one,” he said.

Meanwhile, the 23-year-old’s mom seem to be okay with most of his piercings, except the flesh tunnels in his cheeks.

“My mother likes most of my modifications and she has supported my decision to look the way I do but she doesn’t think the more extreme things, like my cheeks, are very beautiful,” Miggler said.

Another unique alteration he plans to do to his body is an eyeball implant.

Regardless of his appearance, the record-holder said that it does not affect his love life.

He has reportedly been dating a body piercer and artist recently, though the people around them still make comments about his body. Miggler admitted that most of their reactions are negative. However, he said he is very happy with his body alterations and that the reactions of other people do not matter to him.

He also said that whenever he walks on the street, people stare at him, or sometimes ask him questions about his jewelry or piercings, including – of course – his prominent flesh tunnels.

“It is only on social networks that they mostly discriminate and offend me,” Miggler said.

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