Arkansas Mom Accused Of Getting Infant Drunk

An Arkansas mom is in trouble after authorities say she got a 10-month-old infant drunk. The Dreamin’ Demon reports that Lori Sheppard of El Dorado was arrested after admitting to what she had done. Now she’s been charged with at least two crimes associated with the incident that left her child lucky to be alive. That’s not all: The reason why she allegedly poisoned her baby with alcohol is nothing short of confusing.

Authorities reportedly responded to the home inhabited by Shepard and her infant son after he had been found unresponsive on the floor. At the time, the Arkansas mom acted as though she had no clue what was wrong with the 10-month-old infant, who had to be airlifted to a nearby hospital for treatment. It was later determined that the child had a blood-alcohol level of.19— which is a level of legal intoxication for an adult person of at least 140 lbs. In the state of Arkansas, an adult can be busted for a DUI with a BA level of only.08. In other words, this 10-month-old infant’s BA level was allegedly more than double that limit.

The mom admitted to authorities that she had given the baby bourbon to get him to stop crying while he was teething. She claimed that her mother had said to rub the alcoholic drink on the infant’s gums, but instead of doing this, she chose to fill a baby bottle with the booze. No reports are sharing why the woman filled a bottle with the bourbon instead of simply rubbing the infant’s gums like she had been instructed to do. New York Daily News reports that the 28-year-old Arkansas mom told authorities that she left her mobile home for a short time after giving her infant son the bottle full of bourbon. She claimed that he was “doing fine” before she left the trailer, but when she returned, he was limp and unresponsive. No reports are indicating whether or not authorities believe she was acting maliciously, or if this was all really just a mistake by someone who didn’t have knowledge of what this amount of alcohol would do to a small baby.

Lori Sheppard admitted to putting bourbon in her baby's bottle. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock

The 10-month-old infant had to undergo several days of treatment to survive the very clear case of alcohol poisoning that he endured. However, he was not released to the custody of his mother. Instead, the infant was handed over to child welfare officials. Meanwhile Sheppard is being held on felony charges of child endangerment and aggravated assault. Her bond is set at $10k. No reports have confirmed whether or not she has posted that amount for release. On social media, the arrest of the Arkansas mom has attracted a mix of reactions — many of which directed to the shirt the woman wore in her booking photo. The bright green shirt has the words printed across the front, “A nicer way to say you’re an idiot,” but the “You’re an idiot” part of the shirt has taken center stage with lots of laughs coming from users of Twitter and Facebook.

It’s extremely fortunate that the child in this case has recovered from the alcohol poisoning, because this story could have had a far more tragic ending.

[Photo: El Dorado Police mugshot]