Steven Tyler Uses His “Big Voice” To Help Child Abuse Victims, Launches Janie’s Fund

The iconic rock star that is Aerosmith’s frontman Steven Tyler is set to begin building a philanthropic legacy as great as his musical one. On Monday Tyler announced that he would be forming a charity that is dedicated to helping young girls who are victims of child abuse and have suffered through sexual abuse and neglect. The name of the charity group is Janie’s Fund, so called for the 1989 Aerosmith song “Janie’s Got a Gun.”

Steven Tyler says that the creation of Janie’s Fund has been a long time in the making and in fact, the song that inspired the title the band had tackled the systemic issue of child abuse as well as incest through its lyrics. The lyrics are actually about a young girl, abused by her father, getting her revenge.

“Janie’s Got A Gun” was initially born of Tyler’s desire to help young girls who have been victims of abuse. The philanthropic initiative will put Tyler in a partnership with Youth Villages. In addition to the hope that some much needed healing can be brought to neglected and abused girls, Janie’s Fund is also dedicated to bring awareness to the issues these children face and raise money to help implement tried and proven programs to address and overcome the trauma and mental anguish that sexually abused and neglected girls endure.

“As a father and grandfather, I want to focus my energy on things that really matter and leave behind something else in this crazy world along with my music. I am starting Janie’s Fund to give a voice to the millions of victims who haven’t had one and encourage everyone to join me on this mission.”

Sunday marked the the 26th anniversary of the “Janie’s Got a Gun” release, and Tyler took the opportunity to use the platform to launch the fundraising aspect of Janie’s Fund. It is scheduled to continue throughout the rest of the year. Those who sign up with the program during the remaining 51 days of 2015 will become Founding Members of Janie’s Fund and will also receive limited-edition merchandise from Steven Tyler. Rolling Stone wrote that the singer has launched a Prizeo page that fans and anyone who is interested in helping the program can visit to sign up. The page is full of rewards based on the amount donated that range from a t-shirt, earned by donating $50, to a dinner with Steven Tyler – among other prizes – for donors who give $75,000.

All Founding Members of Janie’s Fund will receive acknowledgement on the website, and all donors will be entered into a raffle to win the “Ultimate VIP Rock Experience with Steven Tyler.” Should they win, they can walk down the red carpet with the rock star to celebrate his upcoming solo album’s release party and also hang backstage with Tyler before and after the party. The Prizeo page includes an inspiring message from Tyler.

“Now…We can’t undo what’s been done by abuse in this country…but we CAN let these girls know they are loved, get them the help they need, and assure them that there is MUCH LIGHT at the end of the tunnel.”

Time relayed that the fund was announced through Twitter with the hashtag #JaniesGotAFund and will also be providing “extended care” to girls who leave the foster care system after turning 18. Celebrities like Bono, Jennifer Lopez and Sir Elton John received personal pleas from Tyler for assistance last week. They all received large custom mystery crates that included a handwritten note from Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler saying that, “I may have a big mouth, but now I need your voice.” More celebrities are expected to receive crates this week in honor of the “Janie’s Fund” charity.

If you or anyone you know is a victim of child abuse, call the Childhelp National Child Abuse Hotline at 1-800-4-A-CHILD (1-800-422-4453).

[Photo Courtesy Of Kevork Djansezian/ Getty Images]