Man Dying Of Cancer Marries Sex Doll Because He Wanted To Wed But Didn’t Want To Leave A Widow

An unnamed 28-year-old man from China, who is dying of cancer, has allegedly decided to marry a sex doll, all because he wanted to experience a lavish wedding before be died, but he didn’t want the responsibility of leaving behind a grieving widow once he has died.

According to the Daily Mail, the Chinese man had always dreamed of being front and center and at the heart of a lavish wedding, which is why he decided to partner up with the sex doll and proceed with the ceremony.

The sex doll was also treated rather splendidly too during the wedding, being provided with a dress, tiara, and even a photo shoot, as she posed for a variety of pictures alongside her first, and probably last, husband.

The man even employed a make-up artist to plaster her face with lipstick, mascara, etc, while she was also placed inside a number of different dresses that she then posed wearing.

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In these images, which are either surprisingly or disturbingly tender, depending on your volition, the man can be seen hugging his new wife in front of a window as the sun romantically shines behind them, while they’re also shown staring into a mirror, and looking into each other’s eyes longingly.

There’s also a picture of the individual kissing the doll, who was dressed in a full white wedding dress, on the hand.

Plus, while wearing a precious lilac dress that was donned with sequins and a variety of stones, the sex doll is even seen standing while being embraced from behind by her new husband.

There’s even a picture of the man playing around with his new wife during the photo-shoot. While displaying a slight smile, the Chinese man decided to place his hand over the sex doll’s eyes, who in return decided not to ruin his fun and allowed him to do just that without batting his hand away.

Reporting on the pictures and the reasons why the man married the sex doll, CCTV wrote, “Some netizens recently revealed that the man is actually suffering from a deadly cancer. In order not to hurt other people’s feelings, he chose to marry an artificial doll instead of a real person.” The Mirror went on to report that the individual hails from Beijing.

These images appeared online over the last few days, and even though it was soon revealed that the man was 28, we still don’t know his name or any other further information regarding him, other than the fact that he has been terminally diagnosed with cancer.

[Image via Shutterstock/NinaMalyna]
Some online users immediately began to talk about just how peculiar the man’s antics were, while others leapt to his defense and insisted that, since he is suffering from the disease, he is entitled to such actions.

There were some, though, that started to speculate there were ulterior motives for the promotional wedding pictures, with users suggesting that it was a unique marketing campaign.

Obviously, there is another individual who was present while the images were being taken of the pair following their wedding: the photographer.

But rather than shedding further light onto the the man’s thoughts before he married the sex doll, the photographer defended his peculiar nuptials. She admitted that she didn’t necessarily agree with his decision to marry the doll, but he still deserves the freedom to do what he wants.

[Image via Shutterstock/NinaMalyna]

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