Scary: Two dead in Oregon fetal abduction case

In a sadly familiar incident in Oregon, a young mother and her newborn child have been murdered in what has been termed a “fetal abduction.”

Korena Roberts, a 27-year-old mother of two small children, used Craigslist to lure Heather Snively, 21, to her death under the guise of trading in baby clothes.

Roberts called 911 and reported giving birth to a baby boy, who was not breathing. Paramedics transported Roberts and the baby to the hospital, but were unable to save the child. As in previous cases, the crime came to light when hospital staff observed that Roberts showed no signs of a recent pregnancy or having had given birth.

A subsequent search of the woman’s home revealed the body of Heather Snively hidden in a crawlspace. Details, including Snively’s cause of death, are scarce pending an investigation. If the case follows the pattern of previous incidents, Roberts likely had faked a pregnancy and planned to pass the child off as her own.

Wikipedia has a page on the rare but terrifying phenomenon.

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