Christy Prayter: Mom Calls Cops On Paint-Sniffing Boyfriend — Police Find Something So Much Worse

Christy Prayter was extremely upset wth her boyfriend on Monday, so upset that the 40-year-old Spartanburg, South Carolina, mom called 911 for cops to handle a situation she could no longer control. But when deputies from the Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Office showed up at the small trailer in Lakewood Mobile Home Park, what they found inside was much worse that anything the allegedly miscreant boyfriend was up to.

At about half-past noon on November 2, Prayer called the cops on her male companion, 43-year-old Raymond Blackwell, telling the 911 operator that the man had been “huffing paint,” which caused him to become unruly, according to a report on WYFF-TV News.

And sure enough, when the sheriff’s deputies arrived at the trailer park, they found Blackwell in the carport of the mobile home, stumbling and barely coherent — with gold paint smeared around his mouth and on his tongue.

Blackwell told the deputies that he didn’t know how the gold paint got there because he couldn’t remember painting anything. The deputies reported that he showed symptoms of inhalant abuse. Some of those symptoms, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, could include “dizziness, drowsiness, slurred speech, lethargy, depressed reflexes, general muscle weakness, and stupor.”

But it turned out that Blackwell was the least of their worries. When the deputies got there, Praytor herself was inside the trailer home, screaming obscenities out at Blackwell, according to the local news site.

It quickly became clear to the investigators that the mom herself was extremely drunk, with glassy, bloodshot eyes, according to their report. When they asked her questions, it took her quite some time to process the answers.

When they went inside the house, however, that’s when the deputies made the findings that really shocked and sickened them. The place was like a walk-in dumpster, littered with beer cans, bottles, and other trash on the floor, as well as cigarette butts and moldy food.

The sink was piled high with dishes, and the drain in the kitchen sink was severely clogged. Cockroaches swarmed over the kitchen counter and throughout the home.

Perhaps most alarming, and revolting, of all — the whole place stank with the “overwhelming” odor of feces. The reason for that quickly became clear, as deputies spotted piles of dog feces on the floor.

But the most disturbing discovery of all was an 11-year-old boy sleeping on a couch in the midst of all the filth and degradation. The child woke up, deputies said, having urinated on himself in his sleep. When they asked him if he had any clean clothes to change into, he said he did not. The clothes he had on were all he had.

The boy also said that he could not sleep in his own bed because it was covered in trash and dog manure. The deputies asked Prayter why the boy was not in school.

“Don’t worry I will go get a doctor’s excuse for him,” she replied, according to a report on WHJL-TV News.

The deputies removed the child from the home and arrested Prayter, as well as Blackwell.

The case appears similar to a number of recent cases in which parents, for some reason, allow their homes to sink into horrifying disarray — with children inside. In June, as reported in the Inquisitr story at this link, 38-year-old Oklahoma mom of 12 Kodi Faircloth was arrested after police found four of her children ranging in age from 8 to 14 living in a home piled with garbage and feces.

Kodi Faircloth mom feces
Mom of 12 Kodi Faircloth [Image via Tulsa County Jail]
In an perhaps even more appalling case, reported by the Inquisitr in a story at this link, Bryan and Mellissa Harr of Bristol, Virginia, were charged with child endangerment — even though when police arrived at their home, everything on the first floor appeared to be reasonably tidy and well-maintained.

But there was one problem — the stench in the place, which one investigator described as “horrific.”

The smell, detectives found, was coming from an upstairs bedroom where the Harr parents locked their three children, including a 17-year-old autistic boy who also suffered from cerebral palsy, with nothing but a few mattresses — and feces smeared all over the floor.

Bryan Harr Melissa Harr
Bryan and Melissa Harr of Bristol, Virginia [Image via Bristol Jail]
As for Christy Prayter, she was held on child neglect charges while Blackwell was busted on a charge of being under the influence of aromatic hydrocarbons. The child is now in emergency protective custody.

[Photo By Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Office]