Kodi Faircloth: Pregnant Mom Kept 4 Kids In House From Hell, Was Investigated 34 Times, Reports Say

Kodi Faircloth, though she may look quit a bit older, is only 38 and already the mom of 12 kids, with another on the way. But it’s a safe bet that this Tulsa, Oklahoma, woman won’t be winning any Mom Of The Year awards anytime soon — not after what police report that they found in her home last Thursday.

But as horrific and, frankly, disgusting as the conditions investigators found were when they searched the Faircloth house in Tulsa, the real scandal may be that the conditions that four innocent children endured in that house should have surprised no one.

For a surprising update to this story, see below to read what one of Faircloth’s own children had to say.

According to reports in the local Oklahoma media, Kodi Faircloth had already been investigated by the state Department of Human Services — 34 times.

And yet, despite the fact that Faircloth was clearly on the authorities’ radar as a mother who subjected her children to extreme neglect and abuse, when the cops entered her house last week, they found four of her reported 12 kids living in conditions that would make a Third World slum look like luxury.

Piles of human feces festered on the floor of at least two rooms. A thick layer of garbage that covered over investigators shoes was spread throughout the house. The place had no running water, no electricity, and very little available food for the kids, who were 8-, 9-, 12-, and 14-years-old.

The kids had no place to sleep, and the ceilings in the house were falling apart.

And perhaps not surprisingly, buried in the back yard, police found a bag of the dangerous drug methamphetamine — a drug known to cause premature aging and other frightening changes in the appearance of its addicts.

The four kids, plus a fifth child of Kodi Faircloth, were taken into the custody of the DHS. At first, neither police investigators nor DHS spokesperson Sheree Powell said that they knew where the nightmare mom’s other seven children were. But a later report said that police had tracked down and spoken with the other seven, some of whom are now adults.

The children have been in and out of DHS care for years, authorities said. Kodi Faircloth is currently pregnant with child number 13.

UPDATE: As intolerable as the home kept by Kodi Faircloth sounds, it seems there are indeed two sides to every story. At least one of her children has defended her mom, taking to Facebook to point out that Faircloth is blind and “did her best.”

“Yes my mom let her home get outta control but she tried she really did she had a man telling her one thing and her being BLIND she believed it what else could she do??” said the post, made to a Facebook page in Kodi Faircloth’s own name. “I’m sorry that y’all think so badly of her Kuz the news led it to be that she just so awful wen she not she is very loving and caring and very supportive yes she has problems but who dosnt.” (Spellings original.)

Fairchild was arrested and held on $50,000 bond. Also arrested was her live-in boyfriend, John Brown, 41, who police say is a suspect in two known cases of sexual abuse against the children of Kodi Fairchild — abuse that is said to have taken place in the same home from hell.

Brown was arrested Friday on child neglect charges. Police also connected him to a burglary they had yet to solve.

The Faircloth arrest took place the same week as the arrest of a couple in Indiana who subjected their child to horrors even worse than the Oklahoma mom.

How could this happen even after the DHS investigated Faircloth 34 times?

“Some parents in Oklahoma have had multiple interactions with child welfare, with the police and with the court throughout their adult lives,” Powell said when asked about the Kodi Faircloth case. “Sadly some of these families have had histories of generations of involvement.”

[Image: Tulsa County Jail]

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