Cyber Funerals Hit the Net

The world of tech is meeting -- well, the world of death. A funeral home in South Carolina has started offering families the option to hold "cyber funerals" for loved ones. Seriously.

For an extra fee, you can get your final farewell broadcast across the entire Web. Have some relatives who don't want to make the journey? Let them watch from home! Want to digitally immortalize the moment to relive over and over at the click of a button? You've got it!

Now, to be fair, this place isn't the first to try the idea -- though it's far from a widespread practice.

Is it a bad idea? Not necessarily. It is, after all, putting technology to a new and modern use -- albeit it in an odd sort of way.

Still, for some reason, the whole thing leaves me with a bit of a weird feeling. Maybe there are some places where technology shouldn't go. Maybe this is one of them.

Any thoughts?