Freeway Sign Death: Family Performed ‘Lamb Sacrifice’ For Man Just Days Before Horrific Crash

Richard Pananian was killed in a horrific car crash that caused his body to be ejected from the vehicle before landing on a freeway sign. The body remained suspended 20-feet about the freeway for two hours before emergency crews could reach the body. New details have emerged regarding the bizarre death from family members who say they carried out a “lamb sacrifice” to provide protection for Richard just days before his horrific death.

The Daily Mail reports that 20-year-old Richard Pananian was killed on a California freeway when he crashed at a high rate of speed. The Ford Fiesta driven by Pananian rolled several times during which the man’s body was ejected from the vehicle. In a bizarre twist, the man’s deceased body landed on a freeway sign approximately 20-feet about the freeway. Emergency responders on the scene had to erect a ladder in the middle of the freeway in order to reach the body. Once they reached Richard, they covered the body with a sheet until the coroner could arrive.

Richard (second from left) pictured with his family in church. Richard’s cousin calls the family Christians. (Image via GoFundMe)

The location of the man’s body was so unusual following the accident that the fatal car crash made national headlines. However, the most bizarre part of the story was yet to come. Shortly after the accident, Richard Pananian’s family setup a GoFundMe account to help cover costs associated with the funeral. Armen Kardashian, Richard Pananian’s cousin, claims that he has lost his faith in God following the incident as the family felt they had done everything possible to protect Richard’s life. In an ironic twist of fate, as Armen calls it, Richard died just 10 days after the family performed a “matagh,” a lamb sacrifice. The sacrifice was offered to “protect [Richard] from harm and evil.”

Freeway sign death
A photograph of Richard prior to the horrifying freeway sign death. (Image via GoFundMe)

Kardashian notes that the sacrifice was performed as the family is Armenian. He says in Armenian culture, sacrifices are performed if a person escapes death. Armen claims that on a previous occasion, Richard had narrowly escaped death; therefore, a sacrifice was made on October 25, 2015.

“In the Armenian culture sacrifices are done when someone escapes death, as Richards life was once spared.”

Pananian’s cousin also noted that Richard always wore a five point safety harness in his vehicle. Therefore, he seems to imply that God chose to take Richard’s life for some unknown reason and that his faith in God is now shaken, noting “I myself have lost my faith and question the act of God if he exists.”

“I myself had sat in the car with Richard countless times, and he had a 5 point safety harness that he wore all the time! All the time!! It would be the first thing he did without a reminder. I find it ironic that 5 days after this offering to God, not only did God choose to take this young mans life, but decided to make such a spectacle out of it. If God works in mysterious ways his way remains a mystery to me and has crushed this family as a whole.”

As of the time of this posting, the fund for Richard Pananian’s family has secured over $15,000. Kardashian claims that the money will be used for funeral expenses and to support the family following the horrifying loss of their beloved son.

Richard Pananian
Richard Pananian in church with family. (Image via GoFundMe)

What do you think about the bizarre lamb sacrifice that took place just 10 days before the horrifying freeway sign death?

[Image via GoFundMe]

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