Student Threatens To Beat Teacher With A Chair In Chicago [Watch]

A Chicago teacher was threatened with a chair as a student threw things at her and ordered her to sit down. The disturbing scene was captured on video, which has now gone viral. The high school students are shown bursting out in laughter as the teacher sits at her desk.

The Chicago Vocational Career Academy teacher threatened with a beating by a male student has not been identified. She is referred to only as Mrs. Cox throughout the recorded clip. In the viral video recorded inside the classroom, the unidentified male student is heard shouting, “Sit your a*s down” to the teacher and threatening her with a chair he was holding above his head.

school violence
Chicago teacher threatened with a chair, desk, and has candy thrown at her by student at the Chicago Vocational Career Academy.

As the students continues to taunt and threatens the teacher, others in the Chicago Vocational Career Academy classroom laugh and cheer him on, the Daily Mail reports. A sign on a bulletin board behind the teacher says, “no cussing” but the rule was definitely not enforced the day of the incident.

student threatens teacher
Chicago Vocational Career Academy student threatens to hit and smack teacher as classmates laugh and shoot video of incident.

The viral video appears to have been filmed by a student with a cellphone, the Grioreports.

The student who continually advances towards the teacher is heard shouting, “When I say something I mean it. Now ask me what my name is again.”

After picking up both a chair and a desk and wielding them over his head in a threatening manner, the students tells the teacher that he is going to “smack” her with a “whole bag of M&Ms.”

Chicago violent crime.
Student swings desk over his head and threatens to throw it at his teacher in Chicago.

The teacher appears to make little effort to stop the student’s action.

“I need to ask you to take your seat,” she is repeatedly heard saying.

At one point, the male student reaches inside the teacher’s desk drawer and removes something, possibly more candy. The teacher looks down and sees the action, but she seems to ignore the infraction and lack of respect.

teacher bullying
Teacher bullied by student who threatens to hit her with a desk.

Chicago Vocational Career Academy is a public vocational high school located in the Avalon Park neighborhood on the south side of Chicago. The school’s website says that the learning facility offers “enrichment” and character building.

The following is an excerpt from a memo by the principal in the “About Us” section of the Chicago academy’s website.

“This school year, we face the challenge of ‘doing more with less.’ We have lost our school improvement grant and though we are all feeling the pinch of these cuts, staff have galvanized to ensure that our students receive the same caliber of instruction and supports as always. As a result, the 2015-2016 school year is on pace to meet and exceed the previous school year. In a few short weeks, we have already: produced 6 Posse Scholarship finalists renewed our commitment to excellence with current and future HistoryMakers, implemented project based learning, built students’ capacity for intercultural communication.”

homeschool vs public school
Chicago teacher sits calmed at her desk when student threatens her with a desk, chair, and by throwing other objects at her body.

There is no teacher with the name Cox currently listed on the Chicago Vocational Career Academy website. The woman threatened with violence in the video may have been a substitute teacher. According to the school website, the founders of the school envisioned a learning center that could “train boys so they will be adapted for work in south side industrial plants” and develop an academic background which would help them achieve executive positions.

What do you think about the viral video of the Chicago Vocational Career Academy student threatening the teacher?

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