Marco Rubio Top CPAC Choice for VP Nod

Marco Rubio appears to overwhelmingly beat out other potential running mates for the coveted Vice Presidential spot on presumptive GOP candidate Mitt Romney’s ticket, a Friday night Conservative Political Action Committee straw poll reveals.

Marco Rubio edged out other GOP favorites including tough-talking New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, as well as Senators Paul Ryan and Rand Paul.

Rubio captured 30% of the vote, compared with Christie’s 14%, Ryan’s 9%, and Paul’s 8%. As is common in potential veeps, Marco Rubio has repeatedly feigned disinterest in the position, citing his responsibility to serve the key swing state of Florida as a reason for not wanting the VP nod.

Political blog quotes Rubio on desiring the coveted slot:

“I don’t want to be the vice president right now, or maybe ever… I really want to do a good job in the Senate.”

However, as the site points out, Rubio on the ticket provides a few weighty advantages for Mitt Romney in areas in which he could do with some improvement. For one, Rubio’s name on the ballot will help clinch the battleground state of Florida, which we all know was pivotal in the disastrous election of 2000.

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The other is in the area of minorities, where Romney has had difficulty drumming up support against the incumbent candidate. But some conservatives also feel Marco Rubio has the right balance of charisma along with an ability to fade into the background that will come in handy.

The Atlantic quotes CPAC attendee Sandra Steers, who explains:

“Christie is too much of a rock star… He strikes me as more of a first-place person than a number two. He’s too dynamic. He would detract from Romney’s style.”

Do you think Marco Rubio is a shoo in for the VP nod?