Ellen DeGeneres Mocks Kardashians For Halloween, But Many Americans Horrified By ‘Pagan’ Holiday: Meet ‘JesusWeen’

Ellen DeGeneres had a wickedly good time Keeping Up With The Kardashians on her Halloween show. Known for adoring the holiday that’s filled with candy and costumes, Ellen decided to celebrate by introducing a new Kardashian character. Meet Karla Kardashian, who was a doppelganger of DeGeneres, reported MSN.

Somewhat off-balance with a big bosom and dapper derriere, Ellen explained that in representing Karla, she wanted to give a chance to a hidden Kardashian sister.

“I’m a big part of the family, but for some reason I’ve always been cut out of the show,” said DeGeneres as her character Karla. “And I understand, because they only have like 12 reality shows that are on TV 80 hours a week, but, you know, they didn’t have room for me.”


In portraying the new member of the Kardashians, Ellen donned an animal print blouse as well as her impressively padded body. And, DeGeneres wasn’t the only talk show host to borrow from the Kardashian family for inspiration when it comes to Halloween.

Kelly Ripa also decided that she’d Keep Up With The Kardashians with her costume by mocking Kim Kardashian West’s famous “Break the Internet” pose in Paper magazine, as the Inquisitr reported.

Donning her derriere-centric Halloween costume for Friday’s episode of Live! With Kelly and Michael, Kelly succeeded in mimicking Kim’s famous photos for Paper magazine. Ripa took on the challenge with a dynamic black dress that shimmered as she shimmied.

Copying Kim’s strapless success, Kelly also slipped on those Kardashian gloves that reached up to her tiny elbows, donned an impressive pearl necklace, and plopped a black wig on her constantly-changing-color hair.

Although these celebrities reportedly had much fun with their Halloween costumes, not everyone is enthusiastic about the holiday, reported Patheos.

A new poll has showed that 21 percent of the nation skips Halloween, and the reason primarily has to do with Christian religious beliefs. Just slightly over half of all Christians feel 100 percent happy about Halloween, with the remaining percentage saying they want to avoid what they call the “pagan” part of Halloween and go for an alternative.

What do some enjoy as an alternative? Welcome to “Jesusween.” This Christian alternative began big a few years ago, but for some reason did not catch on.

Happy JesusWeen Happy JesusWeen! [Image via JesusWeen/Facebook]Other alternative events include churches that provide religious tracts along with the candy as well as games and rides at the church.

Debbie Weisemann, Shoals Baptist Church minister of guest services, prayer and community outreach, gives thanks for her church’s Halloween alternative. She feels it provides the opportunity to bring the community to the church with enticements for parents as well as children.

“It’s a strong outreach for us because it’s good at getting the community in,” she explained.

Bell Shoals offers a Trunk or Treat event with classic autos for fathers and games plus bounce houses for their children. In addition, Debbie shared that the candy bags include a “Light up the Night” evangelism tract.

Then there is an alternative to a haunted house known as Judgement Day, or Hell House.

One such Alabama haunted house alternative shows two teens who died after a robber attacks them, followed by a judgement during their life-after-death dramatization, reported AL.com.

Will it be Heaven — or Hell?

The Halloween haunted house alternative began in the 1990s, offered by parishioners at Cottage Hill Baptist Church in Pleasant Grove, Alabama. They view it as a Christian alternative.

“There’s so many people that won’t go to a church because of all the hypocrisy and whatnot,” explained Youth Pastor Heath Aderholt, who is the main Judgement Day organizer. “This is a good way to reach all of those people.”

Included in the part of the Judgement Day experience depicting what the afterlife could be like, visitors are scolded for being wicked, while Heaven is comforting with light and beauty. A counseling section of Judgement Day gives visitors the opportunity to be “saved,” and Aderholt estimates that 100 to 120 visitors to the attraction are saved annually.

Will you celebrate JesusWeen? Will you celebrate JesusWeen? [Image via JesusWeen/Facebook]The JesusWeen festivities don’t stop there. The organization’s site further explains how to participate in their alternative activities.

“JesusWeen has been carefully planned with everyone in mind. Churches, ministries, businesses, individuals and groups can all participate financially, physically and prayerfully. While we hope to impact more nations from next year, our focus for this year is to make major impact in Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton in Canada; focus on Maryland, Houston and Dallas in the USA; and London in the UK. In reality JesusWeen will be held by small groups, individuals or by churches in thousands of public locations and from home, therefore it’s not restricted to any particular city. The goal is to have JesusWeen groups (Jesus Winners) in every city and every nation spreading the love of Christ on October 31st. All you need to do is pray first, then form a group and inform us.”

[Image via Facebook/Jesus Ween]