Kelly Ripa Mocks Kim Kardashian’s ‘Paper’ Mag Pose For Halloween: Find Out Who Else She & Michael Strahan Spoofed

Kelly Ripa was searching for the perfect Halloween costume. Should Kelly go as her co-host, Michael Strahan? Or perhaps her husband, Mark Consuelos? Then Ripa found the ideal match for her dreams of breaking the internet by mocking Kim Kardashian West’s famous “Break the Internet” pose in Paper magazine, reported People.

Donning her derriere-centric Halloween costume for Friday’s episode of Live! With Kelly and Michael, Kelly succeeded in mimicking Kim’s famous photos for Paper magazine. Although the photo shoot occurred in the winter of 2014, it’s gone down in internet history for the reactions, from the good to the bad to the really weird.

Ripa took on the challenge with a dynamic black dress that shimmered as she shimmied. Copying Kim’s strapless success, Kelly also slipped on those Kardashian gloves that reached up to her tiny elbows, donned an impressive pearl necklace, and plopped a black wig on her constantly-changing-color hair.

When it comes to challenges in imitating Kim Kardashian, the secret’s in the derriere. Determined to boost her butt, Ripa went for it with plenty of padding in the form of a prosthetic caboose. Add a champagne bottle complete with foam and a champagne glass perched on her posterior, and Kelly rocked her replica of Kardashian’s Paper magazine pose.

For those wondering if Ripa also decided to try out Kim’s butt-baring pose, well, no. And that probably was a huge relief to TV censors everywhere.

Kelly previously borrowed Kardashian’s appearance in 2011, when Ripa persuaded Nick Lachey to join her in a spoof of Kim and Kardashian’s then-husband Kris Humphries tying the knot.

But why stop at Kim Kardashian when it comes to celebrating Halloween 2015?

Kelly Ripa becomes Donald Trump for Halloween.
Kelly Ripa becomes Donald Trump for Halloween. [Image via Facebook/Live With Kelly & Michael]

Kelly and Michael Strahan decided to put on their own Halloween costume parade with a variety of characters, reported Us Weekly.

Ripa and Michael had fun with costumes that ranged from Katy Perry and her famous Left Shark to Princess Leia from Star Wars.

Katy Perry as Michael Strahan imitates the Left Shark for Halloween.
Kelly Ripa portrays Katy Perry as Michael Strahan imitates the Left Shark for Halloween. [Image via Live With Kelly & Michael/Facebook]

And daring to go where few women have gone before, Kelly even did a stellar imitation of Donald Trump, including his much-mocked hair, enormous red tie, and suit with stripes.

Michael took on the challenge of portraying Cookie Lyon from Empire, who is portrayed by Taraji P. Henson. Strahan slipped sleekly into a leopard frock, fabulous hat, and essential cute curls. And since Ripa decided to go for the bootylicious Kim Kardashian, Michael gave it his all as Kim’s other half by going as Kanye West during their Halloween costume celebration.

If you’re wondering why so many adults have become obsessed with Halloween costumes, it comes down to good old-fashioned fun, points out Psychology Today.

If it makes you happy to live out a fantasy with a costume (have you ever wished you could experience the life of Kim Kardashian?) or think it’s fun to see how it feels to play the role of the Left Shark to Katy Perry (wave that fin), researchers advise that you go for it. It’s considered permissible happiness by experts with one caveat: Make sure that you aren’t hurting someone else or yourself (for example, if you’re spending money you don’t have or embarrassing someone).

Another reason to dress up for Halloween like Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan is to free your creativity. Some might feel somewhat awkward, but tapping into your creativity can be a beneficial experience. And remember, just like Christmas, Halloween comes but once a year.

What do you think of Kelly’s and Michael’s costumes? Are you dressing up for Halloween? Post your comments below.

[Image via Live With Kelly & Michael/Facebook]

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