'Walking Dead' Murder Suspect Blames Netflix Binge For The Death Of Friend

The Walking Dead murder suspect is currently behind bars. A 23-year-old New Mexico man sat down with a friend last week to binge watch popular AMC series The Walking Dead. After a lot of drinking and hours of watching the series on television, the man's friend decided to jokingly try to bite his friend – that is when it turned deadly.

According to People, Damon Perry was arrested last Thursday for killing his friend, 23-year-old Christopher Paquin. The scene happened in an apartment complex located in Grants, New Mexico.

When police first arrived at the apartment, they found Perry being pinned down by maintenance men working in the building. After killing his friend, he left the apartment and began running around the complex with a knife with the intention of killing more zombies.

cNet shared a statement released by the police about the crime.
"Perry alleges the victim was attempting to bite him, so he reacted by brutally beating the victim. Evidence of the scene showed the beating was not only carried out by Perry's hands and feet, but also by several different items in the home, including (but not limited to) edged weapons, an electric guitar and a microwave oven."
Once they were able to take Perry into custody, they went to an apartment in the complex and found a gruesome scene. Perry had bludgeoned and stabbed his friend with a knife. A guitar and a microwave were both used to beat Paquin to death. Any fan of The Walking Dead knows just how one kills a zombie on the series, so it is not too hard to figure out what Perry did to his friend on Thursday. Moses Marquez, a spokesperson for the local police, spoke with KOAT about the crime scene and the murder of Christopher Paquin.
"In my 13 years of doing this, that was the most brutal scene I have ever seen. The suspect alleges that his binge-watching of The Walking Dead caused him to see his friend as turning into a zombie. There are some things in this case I don't think we'll ever know, like when the microwave was used, when the guitar was used and when the knives came into play. We have to give those maintenance men the kudos they deserve for putting themselves in harm's way."
A high school acquaintance of Damon Perry also spoke with the local media. According to WSMV, Will Chamberlain said, "It's pretty crazy. I didn't think anybody would do something like that from watching The Walking Dead. It's kind of sad to hear about - really, that that's what our youth is coming to."

Perry is now in the custody of the Grants Police Department, and he has been charged with the murder of his friend. After he sobered up, he expressed remorse for his actions. He told police that he and the murder victim were binge watching the series on Netflix.

During the day, they had both drank a lot of alcohol. It is not known how much alcohol the pair drank, and there is no mention of any other drugs being taken during the pair's time together.

People Magazine reported that Damon Perry has been charged with murder and aggravated assault. He is currently being held in the Cibola County Detention Center, and his bond has been set at $800,000 by the magistrate court.

This was not Perry's first encounter with the local police. Reports revealed that Perry had several run-ins with the law in the past where alcohol was a contributing factor. He has also been aggressive with the police in the past.

The Walking Dead is currently airing Season 6 on AMC. Fans of the series were shocked by the possible death of an original member of the cast on the last episode. Viewers are waiting to find out the fate of Glenn, who was last seen under a group of zombies.

During the last five seasons, the series has managed to capture the attention of millions, but this is the first time a fan of the show has attacked someone because of it.

What do you think of this Walking Dead murder? Is there more to this story than the details currently known?

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