‘Walking Dead’ Murder: Fan Kills Friend Who Was ‘Turning Into A Zombie’

A Walking Dead fan in New Mexico claims his friend thought he was changing into a zombie and bit him. Damon Perry and Christopher Paquin, both 23, were drinking heavily while binge watching The Walking Dead on Sunday. Paquin allegedly bit and attempted to eat Perry, who in turn beat his friend to death with a series of household objects.

The Walking Dead fan, Paquin, allegedly thought he was changing into a zombie and began behaving like a “Walker” from the hit AMC series. Damon Perry grabbed an electric guitar and ultimately a microwave, and beat his friend to death inside his Grants, New Mexico, apartment, Us Weekly reports.

Walking Dead binge watcher Damon Perry consumed what Grants Police Department detectives deemed a “large amount of alcohol” at the apartment complex while hanging out with Paquin. The TWD killing happened just a few hours before the latest episode of the show drew millions of viewers on television.

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Two New Mexico ‘The Walking Dead’ fans were binge-walking the hit AMC series while drinking heavily. Christopher Paquin was killed after his friend beat him to death. The murder suspect claims Paquin thought he was turning into a zombie and began biting him.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Perry was arrested and charged with murder. Grants Police Department spokesman Moses Marquez said officers were dispatched to the home of the New Mexico Walking Dead fan and found Perry wielding a blunt object in the courtyard.

Damon was detained by two maintenance workers at the Grants, New Mexico, apartment complex until police could arrive, the Cibola Beacon reported.

Perry reportedly walked outside of his apartment and began running around the complex with a knife or pair of scissors, witnesses told police. Incredibly frightened neighbors said they were chased by The Walking Dead fan who ultimately confessed to killing his “zombie” friend.

Sergeant Moses Marquez elaborated on the details of The Walking Dead killing with local reporters.

“If you’ve ever watched the show, you’d know that the only way to kill a zombie is to attack it in its head. Well, when police arrived in this complex, there was a knife inside the victim’s head. I do believe his story behind this is true. He genuinely felt that his friend was changing into a zombie due to his inebriated state. Our department is dealing with something that I have never seen or heard of in my entire 13 years here.”

Grants Police Department investigators reportedly found the body of Christopher Paquin inside Perry’s apartment. Just seconds after entering the residence, the law enforcement officers discovered an unresponsive male who appeared to have been beaten to death.

Paquin was pronounced dead at the scene. Damon Perry told the New Mexico police detectives that Paquin thought he was a zombie and attempted to bite him, so he used his hands, feet, a guitar, and a microwave to beat his friend in self-defense.

The Walking Dead murder suspect is being held on a $800,000 cash-only bond at at the Cibola County detention center, according to the Guardian. Perry is scheduled for a court appearance on November 3. After the suspect was subdued and questioned by the police, he confessed to killing Paquin and told the officer the “changing into a zombie” motive in the fatal beating, the Daily Beast reports.

Police detectives do not consider mental illness to be a factor in The Walking Dead binge-watching killing. Heavy drinking played likely played a significant role in the zombie murder, police say.

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