‘I Stopped Illuminati Plan To Use CERN’s Large Hadron Collider To Destroy The World,’ Says Former U.K. Politician Simon Parkes

Simon Parkes, a former U.K. town councilor, has made the astounding claim that he thwarted a sinister plan by the evil Illuminati to use CERN’s Large Hadron Collider (LHC) to destroy all life on Earth and possibly in the universe.

According to Express, the former town councilor for Whitby in North Yorkshire, claimed during a speech delivered at an event organized by the UFO Academy and held at High Elms Manor in Watford Hertfordshire, that the ever-scheming, villainous Illuminati hatched a plan to use the LHC particle accelerator to open a portal to another dimension that would cause destruction of all mankind.

The Illuminati are a shadowy clandestine international group consisting of the world’s political, business, and religious leaders, who run world affairs from behind the scenes. They control President Barack Obama, President Vladimir Putin and the Pope. They have pursued doggedly for centuries a goal of world domination by any means. And according to conspiracy theorists who have special insight into the clandestine activities of the super-evil group of men, women and evil alien entities, they have recently devised a plan to use the LHC as means to unlimited power.

The LHC is the world’s largest and most powerful particle collider built by the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) and housed in a 17-mile-long, ring-shaped tunnel near the France-Switzerland border outside Geneva. The machine was built to test competing theories of particle physics, to confirm or disprove the existence of the Higgs boson, popularly called the God particle, and help scientists in the effort to derive a grand unified theory of the universe.

Conspiracy theorists believe that the scientific teams involved in the CERN LHC experiments are in cahoots with the evil Illuminati and that the LHC experiments are part of an Illuminati-sponsored project with the secret and devilish goal of accessing the portals to a higher dimension of resident supernatural evils powers that can help the Illuminati gain unchallenged control over the world and universe.

According to conspiracy theorists, Satan is using the power-hungry Illuminati to open the “gates of hell” and unleash destruction on mankind and the LHC is the special weapon to achieve this nefarious goal.

Conspiracy theorists speculate that the ongoing LHC experiments fulfill symbolic meanings concealed in the story of the Tower of Babel narrated in Old Testament Book of Genesis (Genesis 11: 1-9).

Judeo-Christian theological lore claims that Nimrod, a son of Kush — allegedly a reference to the ancestors of Black Africans — received an inspiration from the Devil to embark on a project to challenge the power of God. But when God saw that Nimrod’s devil-inspired project was a threat to his sovereignty, he intervened and foiled the evil plan by Nimrod and his demonic coalition to usurp his power.

Biblical conspiracy theorists warn that the LHC experiments could bring about divine judgment because the Tower of Babel is a prophetic type of the LHC.

Simon Parkes Stopped LHC From Destroying Mankind
Simon Parkes, Ex-U.K. Politician, Claims He Stopped The Illuminati From Using The CERN LHC To Destroy The World (Miles Johnston/YouTube Screengrab)

And going by Parkes’ latest claim, it appears that this time around, God may have used Parkes to thwart a modern day version of the Tower of Babel grand conspiracy. According to Parkes, had the Illuminati been able to use the LHC in August to open a portal to another dimension, they would have acquired power to control world affairs and the nature itself.

While delivering his speech before hundreds at High Elms Manor in Watford Hertrforshire, Parkes said the Illuminati used alien technology to design and build the LHC and that the ultimate goal of the Illuminati was to “interfere with time, open portals to other dimensions and severe the link between good humans and the spiritual plane and divine consciousness.”

Presumably, severing the link “between good humans and the spiritual plane and divine consciousness” would help the Illuminati increase their power and achieve their evil dreams of world domination.

According to Parkes, the Illuminati made an attempt to “sever the link” on August 15. But after having been tipped off about the evil plans of the New World Order protagonists, Parkes formed an international team that was able to use a “mind warp” to thwart the plan of the devil-inspired Illuminati.

“It became very obvious the LHC was going to be used for a pivotal role on August 15 this year,” he explained to an enraptured audience, according to Express.

“I have not said the LHC can break the divine link between all good humans on this plane and divine consciousness, but that was their plan,” he said, and added, “We couldn’t just do nothing. There is much you could do without sticking your head above the parapet. I created a global meditation group connecting consciousness and most countries now have two or three people. Places like the US and UK have got hundreds. We really can affect matters with our mind.”

According to Parkes, the evil Illuminati got wind of his plan to construct a “mind warp” to thwart their demon-inspired plans, so they switched off the LHC at about 3 a.m. on August 15. And when they switched on the LHC again Parkes’ contacts within the CERN organization informed him, and heroically, Parkes and his group sent a telepathic wave of “positive energy” which hit and damaged the portal and thus prevented it from opening.

“it is not illegal to psychically damage government equipment because the law courts do not believe it is possible.”

“A number of people who associate with me made me aware that someone had activated it in the early hours and placed Satanic black magicians, who were remotely viewing the installation on the inside,” he explained.

This is not the first time that Parkes has made such bizarre claims. He attracted attention in June 2013 when he revealed that he was part alien and that his mother was an alien from another planet. He also claimed that he lost his virginity to an alien woman at the tender age of five, through a “holographic sexual experience.”

Parkes claims that he has been in contact with aliens, including the Greys, the Mantis and the Reptilian aliens.

[Image via Miles Johnston/YouTube Screengrab]

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