Virginia School Shooting Plot Thwarted: Students’ Plan Of Gun Violence At Riverbend High School Foiled

Virginia School Shooting

Two students were arrested after a Virginia school shooting plot was thwarted. Officials intervened before a gun attack was carried out by two juveniles in Spotsylvania County, Virginia, earlier this month.

Suspicions grew with police after one of the students was arrested on October 12 for writing some threatening material online about plans to commit serious acts of violence against fellow students and teachers at Riverbend High School. The student was charged with “threatening violence by means of Internet and was ordered held in the Juvenile Detention Center,” NBC 4 News reports.

It was during an investigation of the first student that authorities discovered a Virginia school shooting plot involving a second student as well. Capt. Jeff Pierce, a spokesman for the Spotsylvania County Sheriff’s Office, said that while an investigation was underway for the online messages posted by the first student, detectives came across some additional information that linked a second student to the alleged plot; that student was arrested on Friday.

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Investigators obtained search warrants for the homes of the teens — a 15-year-old and a 17-year-old. This occurred after police realized that there were possibly guns at their residences. When police arrived at the homes of the students who were allegedly plotting the Virginia school shooting, evidence was seized and more charges of conspiracy to commit murder were added in both cases.

The alleged school shooting plot was to begin with a bomb threat being called into the school. Both teens were planning that once students and staff were evacuating, they would fire their weapons at everyone as they were coming out of the building.

Investigators reveals that there wasn’t any specific individual that the students were targeting. They say the two juveniles were just wanting to cause mass casualties with gun violence.

It’s not being shared with the public what evidence was recovered at the teens’ homes that prompted investigators to file additional charges against the students who were plotting the Virgina school shooting. From what officials confirmed, they weren’t looking at any other persons connected to the gun attack. Pierce said that Riverbend High School was never placed on lockdown because the shooting plot was caught early enough that no one was in danger. School officials were made aware of the alleged attack being investigated and were kept up-to-date on the investigation.

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The Washington Post reports that Spotsylvania County Sheriff Roger Harris praised law enforcement officers and school administrators for working together in foiling the Virginia school shooting plot.

“We were able to mitigate the danger, long before it presented any chance of coming to fruition and there was no immediate threat to the safety of the kids.”

A letter informed parents that there was a potential school shooting being uncovered.

It was just a few short weeks ago when another school shooting plot was thwarted by law enforcement. As Inquisitr reported, Summerville High School in Sonora, California, had four students arrested for carrying out an alleged gun attack at school. In that instance, the students had a very specific plan with names of students and teacher they were targeting. While they were at it, they reportedly wanted to shoot as many victims as they could.

In the beginning it was three students being investigated into the alleged school shooting plot, but a fourth suspect was discovered as the investigation continued. No weapons were found inside the students’ homes, but they were very close to getting their hands on some firearms and going through with the intended attack.

The Virginia school shooting plot that was thwarted by law enforcement is yet another sign at how violent-minded some students are out there.

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