Katy Perry And Kate Hudson Cry Over ‘Hello’ By Adele — Russell Crowe And Sam Smith Love It, Too

Katy Perry gave pillowcase evidence that she loves the new Adele video for the song “Hello” that was released earlier today.

Katy has had years to build up some tears for a new Adele release. The artist releases albums that are named after her age at the time of release. Perry’s new favorite song will be released on the album 25. Adele’s last studio album was named 21. You can do the math. With that long of a wait, it’s no surprise that Katy Perry was brought to tears.

And by the looks of her pillow, Perry likes to listen to Adele face down on her pillow. “Hello” hit Katy so hard that she apparently wasn’t just crying — she also had the sniffles. And was possibly drooling. Regardless of how many of Katy Perry’s facial orifices produced moisture for the new Adele song, as E! Online reports, the singer of such hits as “I Kissed a Girl” and “Dark Horse” wasn’t the only mainstream music success that was praising Adele’s new release.

Of course, when you start talking about hugely successful, modern female pop stars like Katy Perry and Adele, it won’t be long before you’re also thinking about Kelly Clarkson. Just before announcing her new baby on Twitter, she also had some high praise for Adele’s new video.

And it just keeps going from there. Sam Smith — who was won by Katy Perry in the so-called “friend draft” of 2014 — posted to Instagram that the new video made him “scream like a little girl.” On his popular celebrity blog, Perez Hilton pointed out that along with Katy Perry, Kelly Clarkson, and Sam Smith, Adele was shown support from such artists as Sean Kingston (“Must say.. Adele new song ‘Hello’ is the best well written song I’ve heard in a minute!!”) and OneRepublic (“Pretty sure u just crashed YouTube @adele. Welcome back – & happy for u”).


And it wasn’t just musicians like Katy Perry that are going crazy for this song. Ellen Degeneres — who has had Perry, Clark, and Adele on her talk show — gave us a sneak peak into how Adele helps her start the day. Unlike Katy Perry’s pillow picture, Kate Hudson showed the tears streaming from her eyes as she listened to the song.

Entertainment Weekly also noted Lena Dunham’s Twitter reaction (“Sun is shining because Adele”) and the strong reaction Kevin McHale — the actor, not the basketball legend — had: “Just everyone stop for today. Let @Adele just have this one. She automatically wins Friday. Therefore, we ALL win Friday.” Macho actor Russell Crowe shared the video on Twitter calling it a “huge song,” and Full House heart throb John Stamos almost sounded like her agent in the Tweet shown below.

As the former Uncle Jesse noted, Adele’s long-awaited new release will be available on November 20. Since her last full-length was released on January 19, 2011, we’ve waited just shy of five years for the follow-up! Compare that to Katy Perry, who released Prism just a little more than three years after Teenage Dream was released in August of 2010.

Going strictly by the numbers, Perry’s Prism was the least successful of her three studio albums, selling 4 million copies worldwide. By contrast, Adele’s third album could outsell Katy’s most successful album, Teenage Dream, by over a million albums, and it would still be Adele’s least successful album.

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